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Individual Education Programs

CSR Study Session

At the Lintec Group, we issue a code of conduct booklet titled “Compliance Guidelines” to each employee to enhance compliance awareness. The Guidelines booklet has been translated into seven additional languages for distribution to employees of group companies outside Japan. Following the revision of the Lintec Group Code of Conduct in January 2020, the Compliance Guidelines were also revised and reissued in April 2020 to all employees of the Lintec Group. We also hold CSR study sessions using the Compliance Guidelines.

Global Education

The Information Systems Department introduces the Lintec Standard Package (LSP), a common core system developed in-house for production and sales operations, broadly to business sites in and outside of Japan.
The department has provided guidance on the LSP to IT staff from target sites to deepen their understanding and ensure proper, efficient, and stable operation of the system. Going forward, the department plans to host global-scale training programs involving planning, design, development, and other functions, aiming to enhance the system operations across the group.

Information Security Education

Lintec has developed the Information Security Management Rules and conducts a self-check every year at each department based on the Information Security Operational Rules and Internal Audit Checklist.
Starting from fiscal 2018, Lintec has been running an e-learning program for performing an information security self-audit as part of its efforts to promote understanding and raise awareness among employees concerning information management.
In light of the fact that the posting of inappropriate contents has become a social issue, Lintec provides comprehensive education that includes things to note when using social media in a personal capacity, as well as internal rules on information management.

Environmental Education

In fiscal 2021, auditor training in the form of group training was not conducted as a measure against the spread of COVID-19. Internal auditor training at each site was provided by on-site employees with auditor qualifications. For sites where there were no qualified employees, qualified staff from the company's secretariat provided online internal auditor training. We will resume group training and external activities at an appropriate time in view of the COVID-19 situation.

Participants in environmental education in FY2021

The total number of participants in EMS awareness training was 4,437. More than one session was held at some sites to ensure that all personnel could access the training. The total number of participants in biodiversity education was 624. Participation in activities planned by local NPOs was cancelled due to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Lintec Environmental & Safety Information Site

As part of the company's environmental education for employees, Lintec operates the Lintec Environmental & Safety Information site on its intranet to provide to employees updates of information related to the environment, ISO 14001 (activities conducted by Lintec and introduction of the website administrative office), regulations of chemical substances (such as REACH and information related to other regulations), energy-saving and safety and health. During fiscal 2021,the intranet site was updated 22 times to share environmental news, including five new or updated items on chemical substance regulations and five related to environmental safety. The site will be updated regularly in order to further strengthen employee’s environmental awareness.

  • REACH Regulation: A chemical substance regulation in the EU on the "Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals". Registration is required when exporting a chemical substance into EU states in quantities of one metric ton or more per year. Notification must also be submitted to the authorities when a chemical substance falling under the category of "candidate for required authorization" is present in a product at more than 0.1 percent of the mass of the object.
Lintec Environmental & Safety Information Site
Lintec Environmental & Safety Information Site

Technology Familiarity Workshops

The Lintec Group has hosted the Technology Familiarity Workshop to promote exchanges of technology within the Group. In fiscal 2021, we held the "R&D Review: Carbon neutral challenge to achieve LSV 2030" on October 22, limiting participants to members of the Research & Development Division in light of the situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The workshop helped members of the R&D Division reaffirm the actions the division should take to achieve carbon neutrality as the main target of the ongoing long-term vision, LSV 2030, with department and section managers announcing specific measures for members of the division.