SDGs-related Initiatives

Based on the company motto of "Sincerity and Creativity", the Lintec Group works to contribute to addressing social issues through our core business by incorporating the SDGs into corporate management. Strengthen initiatives focused on meeting SDGs as a company that resolves a diverse array of social issues.
In March 2021, we announced the LINTEC SUSTAINABILITY VISION 2030 (LSV 2030), a long-term vision with 2030 as its final year. One of the key initiatives set under the new vision is about ensuring that business activities help achieve the SDGs.

What are the SDGs?

Stands for Sustainable Development Goals, which were adopted by the United Nations in 2015. The SDGs comprise 17 goals and 169 targets to be achieved by 2030 as a set of common goals for the international community. To achieve the SDGs by 2030 and thereby realize a better world, various countries and entities around the globe are expected to hold discussions and take action.

System to Promote SDGs-related Activities

The Lintec Group believes that SDGs-related initiatives should be undertaken by all employees. The Group established the SDGs Committee to think about a sustainable future and accelerate the creation of businesses that will contribute to addressing social issues.
The SDGs Committee is a company-wide organization that comprises members selected from a wide variety of sections, including production and sales. The officer in charge assigned to the committee takes the lead in promoting SDGs-related activities in a responsible manner from a management standpoint.
The activities of the committee are reported to the departments of committee members, and members' actions are also communicated. Recently, in response to customer requests, we started to provide opportunities in which committee members, together with sales representatives, explain the SDGs and our related initiatives to customers. We are promoting various activities to familiarize people with the SDGs.

The Relationship between the Lintec Group and the SDGs

In 2021, the Lintec Group re-identified the SDGs targets that are closely related to its issues of materiality (important issues), under the initiative of the CSR Management Office (presently the Sustainability Management Office) and the SDGs Committee.
We have also verified the corresponding relationships between the SDGs and existing businesses as well as R&D themes. Particularly for existing businesses, relevant positive and negative influences on the company’s value chain have been summarized with reference to the SDG Compass.
The Lintec Group understands that we must develop those fields in which we can contribute to addressing social issues through business activities, while seeking radical solutions to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities.
Furthermore, the SDGs Committee will work to create businesses aimed at resolving social issues, in addition to existing businesses, from a broad perspective.

Activities of the SDGs Committee

Since February 2018, the SDGs Committee has been studying the SDGs, and has also engaged in a series of discussions on how our Group should work on the SDGs. The committee has considered how our business should look over a long period of time using the backcasting methodology. Team discussions were held to develop the business plans, which are presented once a year to the president and officers.
In fiscal 2021, the committee carried out activities in two groups: one group aiming to come up with new business ideas driven by the SDGs and the other to explore and implement business ideas generated by the committee in the past. As members could not meet in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they used online meetings to conduct lectures, team workshops, and engage in dialogue with external organizations. To provide information internally, the committee published a wall newspaper in Japanese and English.

SDGs wall newspaper in Japanese
SDGs wall newspaper in English

In-house Education about the SDGs

To promote initiatives to achieve the SDGs, it is important to not only deepen our understanding of them, but also to learn about backcasting and innovation. For this reason, Lintec invites guest speakers to present lectures on a variety of topics. In order to ensure they are accessible to all employees, these lectures were made available after the session via video streaming.

Titles of lectures held so far (examples)

Slide to view.

November 2018 What makes a good company?-A valuable company that can survive the 21st century
June 2019 How to create an organization that achieves innovation
July 2019 Business model innovation
November 2020 Learning organization, empathetic organization
Committee lecture topics
  • What would a sustainable world look like?
  • What is the significance of the SDGs?
  • Backcasting
  • Business model innovation
  • What is a strategy?

In addition to lectures, the committee provides employees with many opportunities to proactively communicate their ideas. For instance, the committee screens videos on the SDGs followed by panel discussions to allow participants to exchange ideas in ways that go beyond conventional expectations for their roles or positions. They also share related information so that they can respond to customer requests. The Lintec Group is working to familiarize all employees with the SDGs and encourage them to engage in SDGs-related activities.