Corporate Policies

Procurement (3)

Lintec Lumber Pulp Procurement Policy

  1. Procurement Policy and approach
    1. As a measure to counteract illegal logging, we will not procure the following kinds of wood pulp:
      (a) Pulp from illegally logged wood
      (b) Pulp from trees of regions violating traditional or civic rights
      (c) Pulp from protected forests
      (d) Pulp from reforested areas or forests earmarked for certain purposes
      (e) Pulp from forests with transgenic trees
    2. We will proactively promote the use of Green Pulp.
  2. Confirmation of Legitimacy
    1. We will obtain written proof from partners showing that they have abided by each point of the Procurement Policy.
    2. In our procurement of wood pulp, we will obtain traceability reports from our partners that indicate wood material logging location, species and quantity.
    3. We will keep relevant materials for five years, and we will disclose them as necessary for audits, etc.
    4. We will regularly perform internal audits to gauge initiative progress, along with monitoring (surveys and audits) by the Japan Paper Association. We will disclose summaries of the results online.

Established August 10, 2009
Revised June 1, 2010
Revised August 23, 2010