Environmental Report

Reduction of Environmentally Hazardous Substances (2)

Proper Storage and Management of PCB*

Previously, Lintec securely managed and stored PCB waste at its Tatsuno Plant. However, we properly completed the disposal of PCBs at the end of June 2019.

  • *PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl): The Act on Special Measures concerning Promotion of Proper Treatment of PCB Wastes (PCB Special Measures Law) mandates the proper storage, management, and disposal of wastes containing PCBs.

Status of proper storage and management of PCBs

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Business site Number of stored units of PCB waste Treatment facility Year of registration for consignment treatment Expected processing completion
Kumagaya Plant 19 high-concentration units JESCO Tokyo Office 2005 March 22, 2019
4 fluorescent light ballasts JESCO Hokkaido Office 2017 June 2018
1 low-concentration unit Gunto Sangyo Co., Ltd. 2018 December 2018
Tatsuno Plant 14 high-concentration units JESCO Kitakyushu Office 2015 June 2019
3 fluorescent light ballasts 2019 June 2019
Total 41 units disposed of

Percentage of Solvent-less agents

Lintec is reducing VOC. In product design, Lintec is working on switching to a solvent-less release agent for its release paper and solvent-less adhesive for adhesive products to reduce the amount of organic solvents it uses. In fiscal 2021, the percentage of solvent-less release paper (production basis) was 59%. The percentage of solvent-less adhesive products (sales basis) was 76%. The percentage of solvent-less paper and products remained at the same level as in the past.
Recognizing the importance of further reducing VOC for preventing air pollution by businesses, Lintec is planning and implementing VOC reduction measures. Lintec has completed the installation of exhaust gas treatment facilities, and will continue to ensure reliable management of treatment facilities, manage the percentage of solvent-less products, and develop and promote sales of solvent-less products to further reduce its environmental impact.

Percentages of solvent-less adhesive products and release paper

Percentages of solvent-less adhesive products and release paper

VOICE My Next Stage

To curb the release of VOC into the atmosphere, which is one of the key initiatives under the LSV 2030, the Agatsuma Plant treats VOC emissions from the drying furnace of the coating equipment with a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO). The latest RTO (introduced in April 2019) not only treats low-concentration gas from local ventilation as well as VOC from the coating equipment but also has a removal efficiency of 98%, which is an improvement over conventional RTOs. Through these activities, we will contribute to initiatives related to the SDGs.

Introduced RTO
里吉 名知夫
Nachio Satoyoshi
Production Department
Agatsuma Plant