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Code of Conduct

LINTEC Group Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Guided by the Code of Conduct based on the company motto, "Sincerity and Creativity," officers and employees of the LINTEC Group shall act in compliance with high ethical standards and social norms.

[ Sincerity at the LINTEC Group ]

  1. Respect for human rights
    We respect the human rights and dignity of all stakeholders.
  2. Management and utilization of company assets
    We strictly manage company assets and utilize them according to specific business purposes.
  3. Prohibition of acts involving conflicts of interest
    We will act in the best interest of the Company and its stakeholders.
  4. Anti-corruption
    We shall not offer or accept any entertainment or gifts that may have the appearance of serving as bribes.
  5. Compliance with domestic and international law
    We abide by all applicable laws and regulations as a corporate group trusted by the global community.
  6. Fair and transparent transactions
    In conformity with the competitive order, we conduct appropriate transactions with customers and business partners.
  7. Prohibition of Bribery of Regulatory Bodies and Governments
    We maintain sound relations with regulatory bodies and governments.
  8. Policy on anti-social forces
    We prevent any involvement with anti-social organizations.

[ Creativity at the LINTEC Group ]

  1. Sustainable manufacturing and service operations
    We contribute to the resolution of social issues through our products and services.
  2. Enhancement of customer satisfaction
    To enhance customer satisfaction, we are committed to offering high quality and high added value.
  3. Symbiosis with the global environment
    We strive to reduce the burden of our operations on the environment to achieve harmonious existence with the global environment.
  4. Sound workplace environment
    We create a workplace environment where employees can perform at their full potential.
  5. Challenge for Creativity
    We will take on the challenge of creating new value.
  6. Social contribution activities
    As a corporate citizen, we contribute to the development of more affluent regional and local communities.
  7. Building a relationship of trust with society
    We establish relationships of trust with our stakeholders through appropriate information disclosure and dialogue.

Established January 2003
Revised April 2011
Revised January 2020

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