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Providing Value to Customers

Lintec Group's Approach

"We adhere to the fundamentals of 'manufacturing'. We shall develop, manufacture, and sell 'quality', 'environment friendly', and 'safe' products, and pursue business activities that are trusted by all stakeholders". While upholding this Quality Policy, the Lintec Group is making efforts for improving the added value of our products and services to meet customer expectations.

Improving Customer Satisfaction (CS)

Promoting One-stop Development

Lintec's Research & Development Div promotes "one-stop development", which is an approach whereby product design is performed in consideration of the establishment of the mass production process from the early development stage. In designing products, the division conducts not only small-scale manual experiments, but also large-scale testing. The division is equipped with large test facilities for adhesive coating and silicone coating, and the scale of these facilities is nearly equivalent to that of mass production machinery found in a plant. Capitalizing on these test facilities, the Research & Development Div conducts prototyping with a view to establishing the mass production process. At each stage of product design, verification is carried out using a variety of analytical instruments, including transmission-type electron microscopes. The verification results are fed back to the product design section in short cycles, which leads to faster development of new products and their earlier introduction into the market.
In fiscal 2021, the division developed a glassine-based release paper that achieves high surface smoothness, with Lintec's original coating replacing polyethylene lamination and thus reducing the use of plastic. The division has also made continued efforts to develop biomass-based adhesive and recycled materials to enhance the lineup of environmentally friendly products.

Advanced Technology Building
Advanced Technology Building
Test coaters for mass production
Test coaters for mass production

Disclosing Product Information

To ensure the safe and secure use of our products by customers, the Lintec Group provides product information through our website and written documents. The information regarding product characteristics is available from a broad range of materials, such as technical documents and product specifications that state the product structure and physical property standards, as well as Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) issued by Lintec and chemical content survey reports. Information on product features, promotional items, product lineups, and others is available online.
We will continue to produce high-quality products and disclose information properly.