Governance Report


All employees at the Lintec Group are committed to disciplining themselves based on the corporate motto of "Sincerity and Creativity". "Compliance self-check sheet" and "compliance training materials" are published in the Lintec intranet. All employees use these materials for checking their conduct and conducting compliance learning activities in their departments.

Global Surveys on Human Rights and Labor Standards

The Lintec Group conducts a survey once a year to monitor working conditions and human rights. The survey covers a wide range of items, including legal compliance, elimination of discrimination, respect for human rights, prohibition of child labor, prohibition of forced labor, wages, working hours, dialogue and negotiation with employees, safe/healthy working environments, and human resource development.
As a result of the survey in February 2022, it was confirmed that all sites comply with local and regional laws and regulations, that the Lintec Group Compliance Guidelines are well understood by employees, and that Lintec employees work in a healthy and safe working environment where their fundamental human rights are respected. We will continue this regular survey every year to understand our current conditions, and improve them.

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Compliance with the Antitrust Law & Prevention of Corruption

In 2013, the Lintec Group created an Antitrust Law Compliance Manual, copies of which were handed out to employees at sales divisions. The Group also provided relevant guidance to salespersons during legal training sessions, specifically referring to reported cases of violations at other companies involving cartel formation and resale price maintenance agreements.
In December 2019, we published a Manual for Compliance with the Antitrust Law and the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors, which is a completely revised version of the aforementioned manual. The new manual was distributed to managers, including those of Group companies.
Moreover, in March 2020, we compiled a List of Do's and Don'ts, which illustrates potential legal risks existing in everyday duties. The Group also works to prevent bribery and corruption, incorporating the topic into the Compliance Guidelines, a booklet distributed to employees to raise their compliance awareness.

Issuing Legal Newsletter

The Lintec Group issued Legal News (Vol.40-45) from April 2021 to March 2022 to provide legal information to employees. In conjunction with the issuance of Legal News, e-learning programs were provided.

Legal News issued in fiscal 2021

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Issuance No. Title
May 2021 40 Revised Act on Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons
July 2021 41 No more worries! Tricks of annoying telemarketing and how to deal with them
September 2021 42 Surprisingly little known facts about copyright: it’s not just about manga and movies
November 2021 43 Ongoing paperless: electronic contract and revised Electronic Books Preservation Act
January 2022 44 Will First Section disappear? New Tokyo Stock Exchange
March 2022 45 Summary of news from April 2021 to March 2022

Additionally, to improve employees' understanding of legal matters, a seminar on the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations was held for employees in charge of sales from the Printing & Variable Information Products Operations, the Industrial & Material Operations, and subsidiaries in October 2021 as part of theme-based programs. Also, newly appointed managers and newly appointed section chiefs received training(about one hour for each) on "legal risks particular to Lintec".

Awareness Raising with the Compliance Guidelines

At the Lintec Group, we issue a code of conduct booklet, the “Compliance Guidelines,” to enhance each employee’s compliance awareness. The Guidelines booklet has been translated into seven other languages to be distributed to employees of Group companies outside of Japan. Following the revision of the Lintec Group Code of Conduct in January 2020, the Compliance Guidelines were also revised and reissued in April 2020. We distributed the revised guidelines to all employees of the Lintec Group. We also hold CSR study sessions using the Compliance Guidelines.

Fostering Sense of Ethics

“Rinri Kawaraban,” which started in fiscal 2006, is an intranet ethics news column featuring senryu (short haiku-like poems) with an additional explanation to familiarize employees with standards for ethics and conduct. The poems are compiled into a biennial booklet, Rinri Kawaraban Mamotte Masuka? which is not only used internally but also introduced to suppliers and customers.
We issue the booklet, which features an endearing “etiquette patrol dog” character, under the concept of “making corporate ethics easier to understand and practice.”

Tax Compliance

Based on the spirit of the company motto, "Sincerity and Creativity", the Lintec Group properly pays taxes in compliance with the laws and regulations stipulated by the countries or regions where its business sites are located, or by the countries or regions concerned. To practice the proper performance of accounting procedures, which form the basis of appropriate tax payments, we have distributed the Compliance Guidelines (published in seven languages) to all Group employees, in order to raise their awareness and ensure that our daily transactions are carried out in a proper and lawful manner. We do not conduct transactions that are not related to our core business but intended solely for tax reduction. In cases of uncertainty over the interpretation of tax laws, we seek the advice of external professionals. If doubts remain, we seek prior consultation with the tax authorities concerned to ensure that we can pay taxes appropriately. With regard to transactions between Group companies in two or more countries, we strive to appropriately distribute profits between the countries or regions where these companies operate, so as to mitigate transfer pricing tax risks.