Cookie Policy

This is the Cookie Policy for the website run by LINTEC Corporation (hereinafter "we," "our," "us"). This website uses cookies to improve user convenience and better understand how the site is used. We believe that it is important for users to understand how the website uses what kinds of cookies for what purposes. Before using the website, please read the following explanation.

What is a cookie

A cookie is a small file composed of a string of characters. Every time a user browses the website, the cookie is submitted to the operator of the website. The cookie is responsible for tracking information about a user's browsing the website and is stored on the user's device, such as their computer, smartphone, or tablet. Cookies are commonly used by website operators for providing proper services, improving user convenience, and understanding how their sites are used.

Intended purpose of cookies

We use cookies for improving user convenience and understanding how the site is used, among other purposes. The information obtained through this website's use of cookies does not include information that can identify individual users.

Types of cookies used

The website uses the following cookies.

  1. Essential cookies

    These cookies are essential for the website to provide proper services. If you disable these cookies, the website may not work properly, and users may not be able to use functions and services. Individual users are not identifiable from these cookies.

  2. First party cookies, analytics cookies

    This website uses Google Analytics, a website traffic analysis service provided by Google. These cookies enable Google Analytics to function, allowing us to analyze how the website is used and improve the website based on this analysis.

  3. Third party cookies

    The website may collect information through third party cookies, which are cookies set by a third party on our behalf on the website. Please note that we cannot control these cookies.

Disabling cookies

Users can disable cookies by changing the settings of their web browser. Users are also able to delete cookies that have been previously set; however, you may not be able to use some of the website's services if you do so. Please be aware of this before doing so. Please see the following for information on changing cookie settings in major web browsers.

Changes of the Cookie Policy, contact regarding this matter

The Cookie Policy may change. When using the website, please refer to latest information. For inquiries regarding the Cookie Policy or for the correction or deletion of past information stored through the use of cookies, please contact us using the Inquiry Form.