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Based on its company motto ("Sincerity and Creativity") and mission statement, the LINTEC Corporation recognizes the importance of protecting your personal information. LINTEC will do its utmost to observe the laws and standards that apply to handling this information, and handle and manage this information based on this Privacy Policy and the guidelines stated in the following link.

1.Collection and use of personal information

LINTEC establishes a system to manage and protect personal information based on the realities of our businesses. We take every precaution to collect and use this personal information in compliance with applicable laws.

2.How we handle your personal information

LINTEC states rules concerning the use of personal information. We educate and train our entire staff, up to and including our top management.

3.Management and protection of personal information

LINTEC takes appropriate safety management measures to prevent loss, damage, falsification, leakage, theft or misuse of personal information you provide.

4.Providing personal information to 3rd parties

LINTEC will not provide your personal information to any 3rd party without first obtaining your permission. This does not apply to situations where we are required to provide this information by law. When personal information is entrusted to an outsourcer in the scope necessary to operate our business, we require that said party manages the information as strictly as we do.

5.Disclosure, corrections and deletions of personal information

LINTEC will respond promptly within a reasonable scope when you request that we disclose to you, correct, or delete your personal information once we have verified your identity.

6.Review of our privacy policy

LINTEC makes every effort to continue to improve our handling of personal information by reviewing and improving our privacy policy when deemed appropriate.

April 1, 2005