In line with purpose and application, it can be selected from a permanent adhesion type, a removable type, or a re-applicable type.

Adhesive products for seal and labels

Plain adhesive papers / adhesive films before printing patterns, text, etc., or variable information such as barcodes. The lineup includes a paper base used for a wide range of applications and a film base with superior durability, water resistance, and design.

Automobile-use adhesive products

These include films for replacing paint in door sashes, films for protecting aluminum wheels on new cars, decorative films for motorcycles, etc.

Casting papers for carbon fiber composite materials

These release papers are used as a base sheet for manufacturing composite materials composed of a sheeted form of fine, hair-like carbon fibers fixed with resin.

Casting papers for synthetic leather

In the manufacturing process for synthetic leather, these release papers are used as patterns for adding designs and gloss to the leather surface.


Broadly divided, there are two types — paper and film — and can be selected based on the application, usage environment, and required performance.

Films for outdoor signs and advertising

Adhesive films for signs installed outdoors, for body advertisements and decorations for trains and buses, and other applications.

Industrial-use adhesive tapes

These industrial-use adhesive products include double-sided tapes that are used for attachment and bonding of precision components of mobile devices, such as smartphones, as well as low-adhesive tapes that are used for blanking and transportation of LCD components.

Interior finishing mounting films

These decorative films can achieve creation of diverse interior spaces through attached to interior walls, etc. In addition to materials with various textures and colors, they also take on original design decorations by digital output.

Labeling machines

Equipment used to automatically affix labels to objects, including models that incorporate printers for the printing of logistics addresses, barcodes, etc.

Multilayer ceramic capacitor-related tapes

These release films are used in forming hundreds of ultra-thin ceramic layers to configurate the interior structure of the capacitors.

Optical display-related adhesive products

These are products that have undergone precision adhesive coating for lamination of optically functional films, which are essential components for LCDs and OLED displays.

Release paper / film

In addition to the protection of the adhesive surface, these papers and films are used as a base during label manufacturing and processing.

Semiconductor-related adhesive tapes

These specialty adhesive tapes are used in semiconductor manufacturing back-end processes. They are used to protect the circuit surface when thinning semiconductor wafers through grinding, to secure wafers during dicing, etc.

Semiconductor-related equipment

These products, which are used in semiconductor manufacturing back-end processes, include equipment for laminating/removing semiconductor-related adhesive tapes and for UV irradiation of tapes to control adhesion of the tapes.

Specialty papers

Papers used in special applications, have a variety of colors, textures, and functions, etc. They include the color papers for envelopes and colored construction papers as well as the papers used in laundry tags which have tear-resistant even when soaked with water, and the papers used in food packaging show oil and water seepage resistant.

Window films

These adhesive films are applied to window glass in buildings, automobiles and so on. They have various effects such as improving air conditioning efficiency in the rooms and vehicles, shielding ultraviolet rays, and reducing the scattering of splinters when glass is broken.