Q.When was LINTEC established?

A.LINTEC was established on October 15, 1934.

Q.When were the shares of LINTEC listed?

A.The shares were listed on the Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange in July 1986. (The Company was called FSK CORPORATION at that time. Then, in March 1989, the shares were transferred to the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange, and moved to the Prime Market in April 2022).

  • For a detailed history, please go to the section "History."


Q.I want to know about the business of LINTEC.

A.LINTEC is a comprehensive manufacturer of adhesive-related products. Its products range across a broad variety of areas.

Financial Results

Q.When is the fiscal year-end?

A.The fiscal year-end is March 31. LINTEC announces its financial results every quarter.

Q.I want to look at materials on past financial results.

A.Please go to the section "IR Library," where the latest and past IR materials are available.

Q.I want to know the details of the financial results briefings.

A.The materials are available in the section "Presentation Materials from Financial Results Briefings & Company Information Session."

Q.I want to know about the long-term trends in business performance.

A.In the section "Financial Data," information about the trends in business performance for the past eleven years is available.

Q.What ratings are presently assigned to LINTEC?

A.In the section "Rating & Bond Information," the latest information is available.


Q.Where are the shares of LINTEC traded?

A.The shares are traded on the Prime Market of Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Q.I want to know LINTEC’s securities code and industry category.

A.LINTEC’s securities code is 7966 and its industry category is "Other Products."

Q.What is the trading unit (share unit number)?

A.The trading unit is 100 shares.

Q.What is the dividend status?

A.For the basic policies of shareholder returns, and change of dividends, please go to the section "Dividend Information."

Q.I want to know the current number of shares issued and the shareholders.

A.This information is available in the section "Stock Information."