Message from the President and CEO

To Our Shareholders and Investors Representative Director, President, CEO and COO Makoto Hattori

April 2020

A Year to Establish a Foothold for New Growth

Our three-year medium-term business plan, LINTEC INNOVATION PLAN (LIP-2019), concluded with the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020. Unfortunately, we did not completely reach our targets.

We originally planned to launch our new medium-term business plan in April. To achieve sizable growth, however, it is now clear that a business-as-usual approach is insufficient. We cannot merely follow the conventional method of planning the next three years as an extension of past business development. Instead, our corporate group has decided to set clear goals for a decade from now as an overarching long-term vision, and then establish three-year medium-term business plans as milestones to achieve this vision.

We have positioned the current fiscal year as “A Year to Establish a Foothold for New Growth,” with its own single-year business plan. During its course, we will prepare for and hold discussions to determine our long-term vision and medium-term business plan. To maintain sustainable growth, it will be crucial to firmly center corporate management on strengthening activities related to ESG and the SDGs. We will also be focusing on the thoroughgoing analysis currently underway of our profit structure, the start of specific measures to increase profit, the aggressive development of new products and technologies, and the establishment of mass-production technology to build new core businesses.

By identifying what the world truly needs, we will continue working to raise our corporate value. We will meet customer demand using our original ideas, supported by our technical and development capacity, as we contribute to the solution of pressing issues facing society through our business activities.

As we embark upon these ambitious efforts, we welcome the backing of our shareholders and investors, and pledge to keep you updated on our progress.

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