Disclosure Policy

1. Standards for disclosure of information

We disclose information observing the Companies Act, Securities and Exchange Act, and other related regulations, and also the "Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by Issuers of Listed Securities" (hereinafter referred to as "Timely Disclosure Rules") established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We are also willing to disclose such information that does not fall within the scope of the Timely Disclosure Rules, if it is useful to the shareholders, investors, and securities analysts.

2. Overview of internal system for timely disclosure

(1)Management information (facts on decisions made, facts on occurrence, revision of financial forecast)

We periodically hold a management meeting, which is attended by our president and directors of the Corporate Strategic Office and other departments. It is also held as required.
In this management meeting, all management information, internal and those related to our group companies, are reported by the directors of the Corporate Strategic Office and each department, and the important and useful information to be disclosed is decided. With this decision, the Finance & Accounting Dept. of the Administration Div. compiles the disclosure, creates the materials, and reports to the board of directors, and after being approved by the board, discloses the information.

(2)Financial results

The financial results of LINTEC and our group companies are all integrated to the Finance & Accounting Dept. of the Administration Div., where disclosure materials on the financial closing and financial results are created based on the information.
The financial results to be disclosed are reported to the board of directors by the Finance & Accounting Dept. of the Administration Div., and disclosed with their approval.


Our Public Relations Office communicates disclosure information to all stakeholders including shareholders and investors in appropriate and fair manners, such as posting to the website, holding briefing sessions, and issuing IR magazines.

3. IR Spokespersons

To ensure fair disclosure of accurate information, we have appointed our representative director and president and officer in charge of IR as spokespersons for our major IR activities. As a general rule, officers or employees other than these spokespersons will not provide information about the Company to people related to the stock market or the media on their own. The spokespersons may delegate the duty to the other officers or employees.

4. Quiet period

We observe a quiet period that begins approximately one month prior to the announcement of quarterly financial results, to avoid leaks of financial results and to maintain fairness. During this period, we will not be able to answer questions or make comments on our financial results and forecasts. However, in case there is a significant difference between the expected results and the previously disclosed forecast, an announcement shall be made appropriately according to the disclosure rules.

5. Others

To use the information related to our financial results and so forth posted on this website, please confirm the disclaimer information in addition to this disclosure policy.