Medium-Term Business Plan



Basic Policy

Deepening innovation aimed at driving new growth

Key Initiatives

  1. Strengthening of regional strategy
    1. Increase in the domestic share and development of new markets and new demands
    2. Strategic investment and business expansion in the Asian region
    3. Expansion of the existing fields in Europe and America and the pursuit of synergies with the acquired subsidiaries
  2. Creation of new value
    1. Creation of differentiated products which exceed customer needs
    2. Development of next-generation products anticipating market changes
  3. Bolstering the corporate structure
    1. Ensuring soundness of the Group companies and continual increase in earnings
    2. Promotion of cross-sectional operational reforms
    3. Further promotion of cost structure reforms
  4. Activities for realizing a sustainable society
    1. Promotion of business activities conducive to solving social concerns
    2. Promotion of work-style reforms, fostering of diverse human resources and encouragement of their active participation in the workplace

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