Release papers and films

LINTEC endows papers and films with special functions, such as releasability, water resistance, heat resistance, and abrasion resistance, to create release papers and films that protect the adhesive surfaces of various adhesive products. We also provide casting papers such as those used for manufacturing synthetic leather and carbon fiber composite materials.

Main Products

Release papers and films
Release papers are papers coated with a releaseagent and are used in a wide range of applications such as for protection of adhesive surfaces of various adhesive products and for film forming of various resins.
Casting papers for synthetic leather
Casting papers, used in the production of synthetic leathers such as shoes and bags, is a high-quality release paper which imparts patterns and gloss to the surface of synthetic leathers.

Casting papers for synthetic leather product website

Casting papers for carbon fiber composite material
Papers used in the production of carbon fiber products covering from leisure goods to aircraft components.

Impregnated papers
Papers used in other applications including waterproof labels and abrasive papers, and insulating tapes.
Other products
LINTEC develops a wide variety of products by taking advantage of its unique technologies including creating formulations of release agents, impregnation of various chemicals, and thin-film coating.