Special function papers

LINTEC is continuously developing and manufacturing functional papers tailored to the needs of customers. It does this using its original know-how in paper manufacturing, blending, impregnating and coating technology as well as color and tone management. If you require custom-made papers, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

Product line-up

Special function papers pickup

Food related series

Mechanical properties

Papers with properties related to strength and durability, such as high strength and wear resistance.

Dust-free paper
Papers that will not cause problems by generating dust, for use in clean room manufacturing of precision-instruments, semiconductors, pharmaceutical and other industries. These papers are impregnated, but still recyclable.
Impregnated coated papers for building materials
Resin impregnated papers with 5-10 times greater wet strength than normal papers. These papers have excellent gravure printability due to surface coating, and a very smooth finish.
High-strength papers
Papers with enhanced strength, created by placing a film between sheets of papers.
Base papers for waterproof abrasive papers
Papers with high tear resistance and interlaminar strength, as well as excellent water and chemical resistance.
Filing and folder papers
Papers that are flexible but firm, with excellent abrasion and weather resistance.
High performance wrapping papers
Papers with long-lasting color, excellent abrasion resistance and flexible folding quality.
Papers for maps
The dimensional stability of these papers guarantees a very high and long-term accuracy, thereby ensuring that maps printed on these papers will be reproduced accurately.
Base papers for release papers (dimensionally stable)
Papers with reduced risk of curling or dimensional change.
Papers for recording measurements
Papers created to inhibit ink bleeding, smooth and with dimensional stability.

Thermal properties

Papers with specific thermal properties, including heat resistance and thermoformability

Non-flammable papers
These papers prevent the spread of flames through their self-extinguishing capabilities. These are produced by incorporating aluminum hydroxide in the manufacturing process.
Fireproof grade 1 printing papers
Papers with self-extinguishing properties, suitable for offset printing.
Flame-retardant papers
These papers are impregnated with a flame-retardant agent to help prevent the spread of flames.
Heat-sealing papers
Water- and oil-resistant papers suitable for heat-sealing processes. Suitable for use in the food industry.
Synthetic fiber-blended papers
Papers suitable for heat sealing, created by blending in synthetic pulp during the paper production process.
Base papers for total heat exchangers
These papers offer excellent moisture absorption and flame retardancy, making them ideal for use in spaces with limited ventilation that need to be protected from flames.

Electrical properties

Papers with specific electro-related properties

Electro conductive papers
These papers have low electric resistance and so offer excellent conductivity.
Graphite-blended papers
Base paper impregnated with high graphite content.
Magnetic signal reading capability.
Papers for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR)
Magnetized particle-removed papers that meet specifications for weight, depth, smoothness and other properties required of papers used for MICR printing.

Optical properties

Papers with light transmission and light blocking qualities

High-opacity color kraft papers
Papers offering opacity of 99% or higher, designed to obscure printed information from unintended view. Ideal for envelopes.
Papers with colored reverse
Reversible papers that combine high opacity with stylish design.
Papers with high opacity and water repellency
These papers offer both high concealability and water repellency, making them ideal for envelopes required to protect contents from weather and prying eyes.
Transparent papers
Highly translucent papers that are well adapted for printing and writing.
Papers for Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
These papers, specifically developed for OCR, are ultra-white and dust-repellent to assist with clear reproduction of text, helping to optimize the OCR process.
Optical design
Watermarked papers
A timeless classic, these papers incorporate traditional watermarking and have a laid texture.
Light-shielding papers
Papers with light-shielding properties, created by either incorporating or coating with inorganic materials.

Chemical properties

Papers with resistance to or affinity with water, oil, solvents, printing inks, and others.

Washing-resistant papers
Papers with excellent water resistance, chemical resistance and wet strength, ideal for washing and dry cleaning tags.
Glassine papers for food
Papers that inhibit foodstuffs from sticking to the surface, suitable for silicon coating.
Oil- and water-resistant papers (fluorine-based)
Papers that incorporate a fluorinated oil-resistant agent to protect against water and oil stains.
Oil- and water-resistant papers (non-fluorine based)
Papers that incorporate a non-fluorinated agent to provide resistance to water and oil stains.
Oil- and water-resistant color papers (fluorine-based)
Oil- and water-resistant papers with single-side color options.
Barrier properties
Glassine papers for release paper
Papers with high barrier properties that are also suitable for silicone coating.
Water-resistant printing papers
Papers coated on one side with water-resistant agent, providing excellent printability and high wet strength.
Water-resistant papers for maps
Papers coated on both sides, combining dimensional stability with water resistance. The wet strength of these papers is five times higher than that of other standard papers
Water-repellent papers
White kraft papers that offer high water repellency, yet can be made into bags using regular glue. Suitable for writing on with pencils or oil-based pens as well as offset and laser printing.
High-opacity and water-repellent papers
White kraft papers with an opacity of 99% or more and high water repellency, ideal for a variety of envelopes.
Papers for drinks coasters
Low-density papers that offer excellent cushioning and water absorbency.
Water-absorbing papers
Papers with excellent water absorbency yet also offering five times more wet strength than general high-quality papers. Suitable for offset printing.
Core papers
Core papers for building materials, with excellent resin impregnability and cushioning properties.
Sterilized papers
Papers with gas permeability and filtering properties to provide a shield against microbes. These papers also have excellent heat-sealing capability, producing almost no dust. Ideal for use in healthcare and research environments.
Antibacterial papers
Papers that have been surface-treated with safe, inorganic antibacterial agents. Ideal for use in healthcare environments that need to be protected from harmful bacteria.
Papers for fruit cultivation
Weather resistant papers that protect their contents from the effects of wind and rain, while maintaining excellent air permeability.
Papers for multiple printing methods
High-grade papers suitable for various printers and printing methods, including inkjet and laser printers.
Papers exclusively for inkjet printing
Both sides of these papers are highly suitable for inkjet printers.
Papers blended with activated charcoal and zeolite
Papers with the functionality to adsorb (hold as a thin film on the surface) volatile organic compound (VOC) gases and other gases.


Colored construction papers
The 70 colors in this appealing range cover almost every color under the sun, from deepest red to sky blue. The series also includes neon-bright tones and high quality finishes of gold, silver and copper. These papers are suitable for writing on, for folding and display and ideal for paper handicrafts.
Japanese ‘Washi-style’ paper
High-grade Japanese-style papers blended with rayon to create an appearance similar to ‘washi’ style paper. A choice of delicate colors further enhances the aesthetic appeal of these papers. Suitable for offset printing.
Blended papers
Papers that incorporate a variety of scrap wood and other materials.

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