Water-repellent papers

White kraft papers that offer high water repellency, but can be used for bag manufacture using regular glue. These papers are suitable for offset printing and laser printing, as well as writing by hand using pencils and oil-based ballpoint pens.

  •  Recycled pulp at least 1% blended in * + Green pulp
  • Guaranteed minimum value: Recycled-pulp blending ratio for each color and lot.


Envelopes, wrapping papers, placemats, maps, guide books, and other applications where water repellency is a benefit.


  • Although highly water repellent, these papers can still be made into bags using regular glue Suitable for offset printing and laser printing.
  • Soft to the touch, with a high-grade feel.
  • Can be written on with a variety of materials including pencils, oil-based ink ballpoint pens, and felt-tip pens.

Please note

  • If writing with water-based ink ballpoint pens, felt-tip pens or fountain pens the ink may fade over time.
  • If the paper is in contact with water for a long period of time or gets extremely wet, its performance may be compromised.

Water-repelling performance

Video clip of demonstration comparing water-repelling performance

Physical property table

Substance Water repellency*1
85g/m2 R8
  • *1Conforming to JAPAN TAPPI paper pulp test method No.68.
  • The values shown are actual measurements, and not guaranteed values.

List of products

Color Substance Size Sheets per pack
White 85g/m2 900*1,200mm 200sheets

Color samples

  • Note that the color shown on your display may be different from the actual color.
  • Please contact us for other colors or blending options.

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