Bright color papers

Our color kraft paper has excellent printability, processability, and strength. These qualities make it a popular choice for envelopes, wrapping papers and various types of printed materials. It is available in a range of vibrant colors.

  •  Recycled pulp at least 1% blended in * + Green pulp
  • Guaranteed minimum value: Recycled-pulp blending ratio for each color and lot.


Envelopes, carrier bags, wrapping papers, book endpaper, and more.


  • These color papers combine high printability and processability with strength.
  • Available in a wide selection of colors, they can be used to create beautifully colored printing finishes.
  • Incorporation of the recycled pulp contributes to environmental preservation but does not compromise printability.

List of products

Color Substance Size Sheets per pack
White Ivory Cream
Yellow Orange Gray
Silver Pink Sky
Skyblue Blue Emerald
Light blue Olive green Green
Red Black
50g/m2 900*1,200mm 250sheets
85g/m2 200sheets

Color samples

  • Note that the color shown on your display may be different from the actual color.
  • Please contact us for other colors or blending options.

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