Message from the President and CEO

Makoto Hattori

Representative Director,
President, CEO and COO

Since its foundation in 1927 as “FUJI SHOKAI”, dealing with manufacturing and sales of gummed tapes, our company has expanded its business into various fields including adhesive products and related equipment, or specialty papers, and has continued to steadily grow.

The spirit of sincerity in our company motto, “Sincerity and Creativity”, has taken root in each individual employee as our corporate culture, and is embodied as earnestness and brightness. On the other hand, regarding the spirit of creativity, I think that it links us to the development and proposal of more differentiated and unique products and that each employee in the group companies has to return to their starting point to reconsider creativity as the driving force behind business expansion.

It is considered to be a big advantage of our corporate group that we continue to deliver various products to a wide variety of industries while combining our unique core technologies cultivated over many years at a high level of competence. In addition, we are positively progressing with the enhancement of our global production and sales structure based on the concept of local production, which means that we manufacture products in locations that are closer to our customers and provide them with a stable supply of these products.

From my past experience in sales and marketing, I always thought that identifying what customers really need to create products that meet market standards, and meeting demand with original ideas and technical and development capacity are the most important elements. I believe that the source of our corporate group’s growth and development is our motto of “Sincerity and Creativity.” We will continue to aim for sustainable growth by actively increasing new demand, developing new products, and meeting the expectations of more LINTEC fans around the world.


Entered FUJI SHIKO CORPORATION (current LINTEC CORPORATION) in 1980 after graduating from the College of Law, Nihon University. Took charge of a variety of areas such as gummed tape, adhesive materials for labels, and semiconductor-related products as a salesperson. In 2000, assigned to Electronic Devices Operations, the predecessor of the current Advanced Materials Operations. Subsequently, assumed the positions of manager of semiconductor-related products and head of Advanced Materials Operations, while contributing to the growth of the company’s electronics-related businesses. Acted as Executive General Manager, Business Administration Division, from 2017 as the chief of all business divisions, and in April 2020, took office as Representative Director, President, CEO and COO. His motto is: “Be humble and don’t be arrogant, and make every effort possible.”