High-grade printing papers and inkjet printing papers

We offer a range of high-grade printing papers with high printability and color reproducibility, including Kent papers for printing, water-resistant printing papers, and papers for calendars.

Product line-up

High-grade printing papers

Fine-coated high-grade printing papers
These high-grade printing papers are matt toned, but with a smooth, glossy surface. With their excellent color development and printer-friendly properties they are a great choice for designers and artists, or indeed any applications where texture matters as much as appearance.
Ultra-white papers for multiple printing methods
High-grade printing papers which combine a clean cloud-like whiteness with an even texture to provide a superior printing finish. These papers can be used with various printing techniques, including offset printing and screen printing, and printing processes, such as laser printing, inkjet printing and thermal transfer printing. They are also ideal for on-demand printing.
Kent papers for printing
Widely used for calendars, posters, catalogs, endpaper and other products thanks to their quality and adaptability. The papers offer a clean whiteness and texture that emphasizes the sharpness and clarity of the print. With nine different ream weights, they are suited to a wide variety of applications. They can also be used with inkjet printers or laser printers.
Papers for multiple printing methods
High-grade printing papers developed for use in different printing processes, including laser printing, inkjet printing and thermal transfer printing. They can also be used in offset printing and screen printing. Available in different thicknesses according to application requirements.
Water-resistant printing papers
High-grade water-resistant printing papers coated on one side, offering excellent printability. Durable and flexible, these papers enable a wide variety of applications from commercial printing to use for label and packaging production.

Inkjet printing papers

Papers exclusively for inkjet printers
High-grade papers developed for inkjet printers. High-resolution output is achievable on both surfaces.
Japanese Washi-style papers exclusively for inkjet printers
High-grade Japanese Washi-style papers for inkjet printers, combining a distinctive texture with excellent printability.

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