Food related series

The demand from the food industry for special-function papers continues to rise. Here we introduce a range of LINTEC’s products that are ideally suited to food-related applications.

Product line-up

Oil- and water-resistant papers

Oil and water resistant papers, ideal for food-packaging materials.

Applications A variety of food-packaging materials, wrapping materials for oxygen absorbers or drying agents, paper mats, baking papers, and other products.
  • Water or oil does not easily leak through. Bags made from this paper will hold water for over two hours without leaking.
  • The papers can also be subjected to heat without generating hazardous substances such as PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) or PFOS (perfluorooctanesulfonic acid)

Glassine papers (white, brown)

These papers inhibit foodstuffs from sticking to them. The papers can be silicone coated.

Applications Cups, wrapping papers for chocolate, paper mats for burger buns, and other products.
  • A high barrier performance inhibits foodstuff from sticking to it.
  • Suitable for gravure printing.
  • Also suitable for silicone coating.

Water-resistant printing papers

Papers coated on one side with excellent printability and high wet strength.

Applications Water-resistant labels for packaging of refrigerated/frozen food, processed seafood, and other products.
  • Papers coated on one side with excellent printability and high wet strength.
  • Sturdy but with excellent flexibility.

Blended papers (made-to-order products)

These are papers in which scrap wood and other materials are blended. In recent years, the rise in recycling has increased demand for blended papers, particularly those that use waste materials that would previously have been discarded. Incorporating inedible waste materials helps conserve resources. Please contact us for details.

  • Not all inedible materials can be blended in.
  • Please avoid using in applications where the paper comes in direct contact with food.
Inedible materials used in the past Small adzuki refuse, tofu refuse, draff of bamboo leaves, malt charcoal, etc.
  • Papers coated on one side, offering both excellent printability and high wet strength.
  • Sturdy, with excellent flexibility.

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