Oil- and water-resistant papers

Oil and water resistant papers, ideal for food-packaging materials

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What are the special properties of these papers?

As the name suggests, oil- and water-resistant papers have strong resistance to water and oil. This resistance is achieved by impregnating the paper pulp with special fluorinated resins.

Key features of these papers

Unlike general oil- and water-resistant papers, LINTEC’s oil- and water-resistant papers are not processed with polyethylene and have high gas permeability. This means steam can escape through the paper. When used in food applications, this feature prevents hot food absorbing excess moisture and becoming soggy.

LINTEC’s oil- and water-resistant papers are recyclable. The range also includes non-fluorinated products.

Where and how are these papers used?

The papers are often used for food-wrapping at convenience stores, supermarkets and fast-food restaurants. They are also used for the drying agents included in the packaging of products such as confectionery.

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