As a technology-centered company,
we are going to create new added value by combining four core technologies at a high level of competence.

Our efforts in R&D and our core technologies

Concerted efforts of sales, R&D, and production sites to meet customer needs

We promote a "market-dialog style" of research and development, in which our researchers visit the customers with sales representatives for direct communication. This enables the sales, R&D, and production sites to work in unison throughout the process of development and commercialization of the functional sheet materials, and to respond quickly and with careful attention to the customer needs.

Integrating four core technologies in higher dimensions

As a technology-centered company, we integrate the four core technologies (adhesive applications, surface improvement, system development, and specialty papers and release materials production) in higher dimensions, to produce many innovative, market-leading products that meet the needs of our customers.

Diverse product categories

R&D Systems

Research Center, the core facility of research and development

The core facility of our research and development is the Research Center (located in Warabi City, Saitama Prefecture), staffed by approximately 200 researchers. With most up-to-date research equipment as well as facilities such as pilot coaters and clean rooms, the researchers are working on the development of products such as various coating agents.
In the Research Center, each laboratory is placed under the two departments, namely the Product Research Dept. and the New Materials Research Dept.. This is a system established to specialize in the speedy development of products to meet the daily requests from our customers, and the research and development of new technologies that drive the future growth, focusing on next few years.

Processing Technology Section, the intermediary to mass production

In addition to the laboratories that mainly develop materials, the Processing Technology Section is organized in the Product Research Dept. as the department to study individual unit operation technology in the manufacturing process, such as mixing, coating, and drying of various coating agents. This section performs a research aiming at mass production of the developed product, improvement in productivity, consistent quality, and also control of the material property of the final product.

Intellectual Property Dept., the core of supporting new product development

The intellectual properties such as patents, trademarks, and design rights are important management resources. The Intellectual Property Dept. promotes the company-wide, strategic intellectual property rights activities including the patent investigation and application, which is the lifeline of LINTEC as the technology-centered company, and monitoring of infringements, participation in product development from the initial stage, and discovery of inventions at the site of research and development.