Nature toned papers

Color kraft papers with excellent printability and strength. Featuring muted, natural color tones, these papers can be used for a wide variety of products, including envelopes, wrapping papers, and carrier bags.

  •  Recycled pulp at least 20% blended in * + Green pulp
  • Guaranteed minimum value: Recycled-pulp blending ratio for each color and lot.


Suitable for a variety of envelopes, carrier bags, wrapping papers, book endpaper, and more.


  • Available in various pale shades and suitable for a wide range of applications, similar to the bright color range.
  • Recycled pulp is incorporated for environmental preservation without compromising printability.

List of products

Color Substance Size Sheets per pack
White Cream Olive Green
Light blue Sky Gray
70g/m2 900*1,200mm 250sheets
85g/m2 200sheets

Color samples

  • Note that the color shown on your display may be different from the actual color.
  • Please contact us for other colors or blending options.

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