UL/CUL standards

UL is the safety standard published by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. which has the highest authority for safety assurance in USA. CUL is the safety standards for Canada which UL evaluates, based on the standards that are published by CSA LINTEC. has wide range of UL/CUL certified media for general labels and for variable-information printing , in combination with various ink ribbons.

Types of recognition mark

These symbols indicates that the parts and the materials are UL/CUL certified

UL certified mark CUL certified mark Both UL and CUL certified mark

UL recognition obtained by LINTEC

UL969 (Marking and labelling system)
<Categories of UL969 standard>

This standard is applicable to labelstocks used for name-plates and indications that possess important information such as instructions, explanations, and identifications. This standard has following categories:

(1) PGGU2/PGGU8 (labelstock): Label material for printing and for overlamination

(2) PGDQ2/PGDQ8 (labels): Labels that cannot have additional printing at the end-user.

(3) PGJI2/PGJI8 (labels for printing): Labels that can have additional printing at the end-user by using thermal transfer ribbons or laser toners.

Lintec has recognition of (1) and (3).

LINTEC's UL/CUL certified categories

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UL969 standard UL standard CUL standard file No.
Certified category Labelstock PGGU2 PGGU8 MH14023
Labels for printing PGJI2 PGJI8 MH18338

How to read the basic catalogue No.

The catalogue No. includes several suffixes, and they are substituted by numbers or characters.

Ex; The basic catalogue No. of "PETWH50(A) PAT1 8LK2" is as follow:

*Please contact Lintec for the catalogue No. for each product.

Representative LINTEC products with UL/CUL certification

Polyester (PET) film based materials

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Type of facestock Adhesives Facestock thickness (μm) Basic catalogue No.
FNS bright(B), TE bright(B), HLS bright(B) PAT1・PAT1E 25~250 a3++5B#**
FNS matt(M), TE matt(M), HLS matt(M) PAT1・PAT1E 25~250 a4++5B#**
FNG bright(B), HLG bright(B) PAT1・PAT1E 25~250 a5++5B#**
White matt PET G23(k), K24(k) PAT1・PAT1E 25~100 4815B#*
White gloss PET 4825B#*
PET (clear, matt) NPL 25~100 3b++5A#*
PAT1・PAT1E 25~100 3b++5B#*
PETWH (white) PAT1・PAT1E 38~100 46++5B#*
M4 38~100 46++5F#*
PA10 38~100 4615C#(i)

Synthetic paper based materials

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Type of facestock Adhesives Facestock thickness (μm) Basic catalogue No.
Yupo UV, Yupo SG, Yupo VES PAT1・PAT1E 80~110 70+5B#d
Yupo UV M4 80~110 7015F#d

Same material surface labelstocks

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Type of series Adhesives Facestock thickness (μm) Basic catalogue No.
KES (polyester based) PAT1・PAT1E 65 8015B#65
P2041 65~120 8135D#(m)
MR11 120 8135M#120
KEA (ABS based) PAT1・PAT1E 65~100 ABS5B#(y)
P2041 100 ABS5D#100
MR11 100 ABS5M#100
*Only UL-certified

Over-laminate materials

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Type of facestock Adhesives Facestock thickness (μm) Basic catalogue No.
PET (F-matt) NPL 25 3405A#25
PET (clear, matt) NPL 16~75 3b++5A#c
PP (clear, matt)
*Only in combination with Yupo materials
NPL 20~60 6105A#e
KES25N matt
*Only in combination with KES materials
NPL 25 8125A#25
KEA30N matt
*Only in combination with KEA materials
NPL 30 ABS5A#30
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