Lock-tight labelstocks

Attaching adhesive surfaces together strengthens their bond, creating an ideal labelstock for display cards and price tags. The adhesive itself has no tack and can be used without sticking to the products. Suitability for printing and converting is the same as that of an ordinary labelstock.


  • Facestock is a matt-type polypropylene film suitable for printing.
  • Attaching adhesive together increases their bonding strength.


  • Price tag-labels for items such as glasses, rings, necklaces, and other precious products
  • Suitcases or bag tag-labels
  • Wristbands and other ID tags

Product line-up

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Product name Facestock Adhesive Release film
ML806B Polypropylene(white) Special adhesive Polypropylene (PP) film (clear)
  • Labelstocks
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