Environmentally friendly labelstocks


Labelstock made from the same materials used as plastic molded substrates on the facestock. Applied on items such as shampoo and detergent containers, and enclosing covers for copiers and other office machines. "Environmentally friendly labelstocks" lineup also includes products made with recycled PET resin.

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Facestock (polyethylene film, polypropylene film) made from the same materials and components as electrical appliances and many other plastic molded items allows plastic recycling even without label removal.
Facestock (polystyrene film, ABS film) made from the same materials and components as enclosing covers for copying- machines, air conditioners, and other consumer electronic goods.
Labelstock using PET film produced through "mechanical recycling" process, with PET bottles as raw-material. Recycled PET resin content is more than 80%.
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