Electronics-related products

By providing specialty adhesive tapes used in manufacturing and mounting processes of semiconductor chips, equipment to maximize the potential of these tapes, and release films that are indispensable in manufacturing multilayer ceramic capacitors, LINTEC has established a unique position in the electronics industry.

Main Products

Semiconductor-related adhesive tapes and equipment
Leveraging its comprehensive tape and equipment proposal capabilities, LINTEC is making innovative propositions for mounting and back-end process solutions that contribute to the production of thin, compact, high-density semiconductor packages as well as simpler manufacturing processes.

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Multilayer ceramic capacitor-related tapes
Multilayer ceramic capacitors are used in large numbers in a wide variety of electronic devices to store and release electricity. These capacitors consist of hundreds of ceramic layers contained in a square with sides only a few millimeters long. LINTEC’s release films boast superior surface smoothness and are used in creating this structure.