Governance Report

True to its company motto, "Sincerity and Creativity," the Lintec Group views compliance and corporate ethics as its most important management themes.
The Group also recognizes them as the basis of CSR, and is accordingly strengthening its management system.

  • Corporate Governance

    • Corporate Governance Framework
    • Compliance with the Corporate Governance Code
    • Corporate Officers
    • Remuneration of Corporate Officers
    • Pursuing Strategic CSR Practice
    • Sustainability Promotion System
    • Legal Education for Top Management and Employees
  • Compliance

    • Global Surveys on Human Rights and Labor Standards
    • Compliance with the Antitrust Law & Prevention of Corruption
    • Issuing Legal Newsletter
    • Awareness Raising with the Compliance Guidelines
    • Fostering Sense of Ethics
    • Tax Compliance
  • Risk Management

    • Establishing Group-wide BCMS
    • Information Security
    • Establishing the Counseling Desk (for Internal Reporting and Harassment Consultation)

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