Environmental Report

Reducing Waste

In order to help realize a recycling-oriented society, the Lintec Group is working to reduce waste while striving to save water and reuse wastewater, complying with the effluent control regulations, and improving the quality of effluent generated. To ensure compliance, we hold internal study group sessions on waste for 28 sites of the Lintec Group in Japan. In fiscal 2021, 101 employees from these sites participated in the sessions.
Meanwhile, to simplify administrative work and prevent mistakes in aggregation, we are introducing an electronic manifesto.

Efforts for Zero Emissions

In fiscal 2021, the amount of waste generated, including valuable materials, at Lintec came to 30.8 thousand tons. Of which, the amount of valuable materials and waste effectively used in or outside Lintec was 27.4 thousand tons, which achieved an 89% recycling rate.
Ash left after incineration is effectively used as a raw material for concrete.
The final landfill disposal rate*2 for fiscal 2021 was 0.51%, achieving the target final landfill disposal rate of 1.0% or less and a 0.03% reduction from fiscal 2020 (0.54%).

  • 1Zero emission: Lintec's standard is a final landfill disposal rate of one percent or less.
  • 2The final landfill disposal rate is a value found using the following formula: Final landfill disposal rate = Final landfill disposal amount/Amount of waste generated × 100.

Flow of waste (FY2021)


Waste discharge


3R Efforts

Efforts to Reduce (reduce amount of waste)

The Lintec Group promote a paperless office by introducing an electronic approval system via the in-house intranet and by other means. Together with the Research Center, each plant is making efforts to improve manufacturing technology and yield to reduce the number of defective products. Each plant is also striving to reduce input resources in accordance with production plans designed to downsize the furnace for preparing application liquids, reduce the width of raw material rolls used in the paper passing process, and ensure continuous production for products that use similar raw materials.

Efforts to Reuse (use repeatedly)

We clean pallets used within the Lintec Group's production sites and the cores we use for the rolls of adhesive products in process on an as-needed basis. These pallets and core rolls are reused at the sites that transfer or receive them.
Lintec also promotes reuse practices involving customers and raw material manufacturers. We manage the pallets of customers and raw material manufacturers after sorting them by owner, and return them to their original owners to ensure that they can be reused.

Efforts to Recycle

We bring paper waste generated at group companies in the Kanto region to our Kumagaya Plant to effectively use it internally as a raw material for thermal recycling. We ensure waste sorting and promote recycling by separating valuable materials from mixed materials that were previously processed as waste.
We are also focusing on the development of environment friendly products, and have launched a base paper for straws to reduce waste and use less plastic, a PET film product made from recycled plastic bottles, an adhesive product using biomass adhesive, and others.