Corporate Policies

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Policy Statement on FSC® Core Labor Requirements

  1. Prohibition of child labor
    • We do not employ children under the minimum working age for any form of work.
    • When we employ persons under the age of 18 (young workers), we do not expose them to situations that are dangerous to their health or safety.
  2. Prohibition of forced or compulsory labor
    • We do not allow forced or compulsory labor at any of our business sites.
      We also respect free choice of employment and do not unilaterally take away employees' government-issued identification or travel documents.
    • We do not demand job placement fees or other employment-related fees from employees.
  3. Elimination of discrimination in employment and occupation
    • We treat everyone equally and respectfully and do not discriminate based on race, nationality, gender, religion, belief, age, origin, physical disabilities, indigenous identification, immigration status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other attribute.
    • When we hire employees or other workers, we comply with the laws and regulations of the relevant country/region and commit no acts of discrimination.
    • We do not tolerate calumny, harassment, stalking, assault, boorish behavior, or other actions that violate individual human rights and dignity, and make efforts to ensure that no one is made to feel uncomfortable.
    • We understand the importance of freedom of speech and expression and respect employees' civil rights and political rights.
    • We keep our partners informed so as to help them avoid committing human rights violations, including child labor and force or compulsory labor. If any of our partners act contrary to this, we ask them to submit an improvement plan or cease doing business with them. We monitor our supply chain for any human rights violations
  4. Freedom of association and respect for collective bargaining rights
    • We respect employees' rights to freely choose their representatives and their rights to form a labor union or other organization and to collectively negotiate with their employer. These are universal rights guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO Conventions.

Established on October 24, 2022