Corporate Policies

Information Security

LINTEC Basic Policy on Information Security

Basic Principles

In view of the importance of information security as a corporate responsibility required in an evolving information and communication society, LINTEC CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) has high ethical standards that are supported by the company motto of “Sincerity and Creativity,” and manages information security based on the company policy described below.

Company Policy

  1. Establish and continuously enhance compliance programs for information security management
    The Company shall formulate, implement, maintain, and continuously enhance compliance programs for information security management (including this policy, the Information Security Management Rules, and other regulations and rules) to help our employees and other relevant parties recognize the importance of information security, and to adequately protect information that is to be managed.
  2. Ensure security
    The Company shall implement security management measures for information assets within the organization at appropriate levels to ensure continuous and stable business operation. Such measures include ensuring confidentiality to prevent confidential information and personal information from being leaked beyond the scope of protection; ensuring the integrity of information such as prevention of falsification; and ensuring the availability of information assets in the event of an intentional or unintentional accident.
  3. Comply with laws and regulations, other standards, and internal regulations
    The Company shall comply with the provisions of laws and regulations related to information security management and protection of trade secrets and personal information, as well as standards and guidelines specifically set by administrative organs and other relevant organizations, in addition to regulations established by the Company.

Established on December 1, 2005