Corporate Policies

Safety and Health

Lintec Occupational Safety and Health Policy

Under the company motto, "Sincerity and Creativity", and the management philosophy of Lintec, all Lintec Group employees shall prevent occupational accidents, create a safe and comfortable workplace environment and actively improve safety and health standards.

  1. In conducting business activities, we shall appropriately secure and improve the occupational safety and health of everyone in the Lintec Group.
  2. The Company shall always work with all Lintec employees to prevent occupational accidents and diseases, and maintain and enhance the health of employees.
  3. We shall conduct risk assessment at production sites, establish occupational safety goals, create and implement action plans for achieving those goals and periodically review the plans for improvement.
  4. We shall comply with laws and ordinance agreements, and governmental instructions relating to occupational safety and health.
  5. We shall provide education and awareness-building programs on occupational safety and health to people in the Lintec Group to communicate the importance of safety and health in the work place and to enhance employee awareness.
  6. We shall disclose the Occupational Safety and Health Policy to external parties appropriately on request.

Established June 1, 2018