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Together with Shareholders

Communicating with Shareholders and Other Investors

Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

Lintec carries out various IR initiatives to engage in dialogue with its shareholders and investors, with the aim of achieving appropriate share pricing and increasing corporate value. The company holds IR meetings and gives media interviews each quarter in addition to organizing semiannual business results briefings for institutional investors and securities analysts in Japan. For institutional investors outside Japan, Lintec offers telephone conferences and participates in IR events in Japan arranged by securities companies. In the past year, we held these meetings and briefings online, as opposed to the usual in-person setting, as a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19, in an effort to continue adequate dialogue and information provision despite the challenging situation. The company also holds briefings for individual investors as appropriate. Additionally, we publish a quarterly shareholder magazine, WAVE, and perform a reader survey on a regular basis, feeding back collected responses to management. In addition to the above, we work to enhance public relations tools, such as our IR website and Integrated Report, aiming to help abroad range of investors gain a better understanding of Lintec.

  • IR: Investor relations and refers to corporate activities through which companies provide corporate information in a timely, fair and ongoing manner for shareholders and investors to use when making investment decisions.