Providing Value to Customers

"We adhere to the fundamentals of 'manufacturing'. We shall develop, manufacture, and sell 'quality', 'environment friendly', and 'safe' products, and pursue business activities that are trusted by all stakeholders". While upholding this Quality Policy, the Lintec Group is making efforts for improving the added value of our products and services to meet customer expectations.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Promoting One-stop Development

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Lintec's Research & Development Division promotes "one-stop development", which considers the mass production process simultaneously with product design. In handling difficult development topics in fiscal 2018, before trial manufacturing of production machines we incorporated advance verification using test coating facilities for mass production into the design and development flow by taking advantage of FMEA.* This significantly reduced defects and problems in trial manufacturing of production machines as well as returns to sections that designed the development topic.

To be able to handle materials for development that have a range of acidities or alkalinities, we will make efforts to enhance ancillary facilities of test coating facilities for mass production.

  • *FMEA: FMEA stands for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis. It is a method used to realize prevention by predicting in advance failure modes expected in product design or in a process and analyzing their causes and impacts.
Advanced Technology Wing

Advanced Technology Wing

Large test coaters

Large test coaters

Shunsuke Murashima

Shunsuke Murashima
Release Materials Labs, Product Research Department
Research Center, Research & Development Division

Accelerating Product Development with Test Coating Facilities for Mass Production

The Release Materials Labs utilizes test coating facilities for mass production to provide samples with quality equivalent to that required for factory production to customers in a timely manner, thereby accelerating product development.

In fiscal 2018, we focused on examining applications of highly smooth films that are expected to be adopted for next-generation release films but are posing difficult challenges with respect to transportation and roll-up, as well as producing highly concentrated release agents to reduce VOC emissions, thus contributing to environmental protection. To pursue these themes, we need to improve web-handling and coating techniques, which requires many different tests in addition to those for design development. When dealing with these enormous tasks, test coating facilities for mass production are indispensable to enable factory production standards for advance verification.

We also plan to use the facilities for selecting new equipment for future plant construction, looking to cooperate with plants to develop high-function products effectively in response to changing market needs.

  • *VOCs: VOCs stands for volatile organic compounds. VOCs collectively refers to organic compounds that become gas in the atmosphere.

Disclosing Product Information

To ensure customers safe and secure use of our products, the Lintec Group provides product information in various forms, including publication of a safety data sheet (SDS), responding to surveys on chemical substances contained in products, technical documents describing product characteristics, and preparation of product specifications that state product structure and physical property standards. Characteristics of products, featured products, and lineups are found on the Lintec website and in the in-house magazine. We will continue to produce high-quality products and disclose information properly.