Communicating with Stakeholders

In order to better understand the expectations of society, it is essential to have continual communication with stakeholders.
Therefore, in addition to providing information, the Lintec Group works to maintain a dialogue with its stakeholders.

Communicating with Customers

Lintec makes use of a variety of opportunities to communicate with customers, including through products and services, sales activities, manuals, MSDSs, points of contact for inquiries, websites, and exhibitions. Through this communication, the company aims to improve its products and services, build relationships of trust, and improve customer satisfaction.

Exhibiting at Exhibitions in and Outside Japan

Communicating with Suppliers

Lintec utilizes a variety of opportunities to communicate with suppliers, including through purchasing activities, briefings, and questionnaires. Through this communication, the company aims to achieve fair transactions and mutual understanding, to ensure compliance, and to build relationships of trust.

Communicating with Employees

Lintec uses a variety of opportunities to communicate with employees, including through business activities, educational programs, briefings, social get-togethers, the intranet, and company newsletters. Through this communication the company aims to create workplaces where all employees can work with satisfaction based on the company motto.

Publication of the Community Magazine/CSR Communication

Communicating with Local Communities

Lintec makes use of a variety of opportunities to communicate with local communities, including through plant and facility tours, opinion exchange meetings with local governments, social contribution activities, websites, and company brochures. Through this communication, the company aims to foster mutual understanding with community residents and give back to local communities.

Offering Plant and Facility Tours

Communicating with Shareholders and Other Investors

Lintec utilizes a variety of opportunities to communicate with shareholders and investors, including through shareholder meetings, business results briefings, IR meetings and company information sessions. We also use websites and shareholder correspondence to enhance information communication activities, aiming to help stakeholders deepen their understanding of our corporate activities, thereby achieving appropriate share pricing and building relationships of trust.

Active Promotion of IR Activities

Communication with the Media

Lintec uses a variety of opportunities to communicate with the mass media?and by extension society?including through the acceptance of requests regarding news coverage and the writing of manuscripts, responding to questionnaires, websites, and news releases. Through this communication, the company aims to disclose information with integrity to society and build relationships of trust.

Media Relations

In addition to distributing news releases on new products and events to various media outlets, the company welcomes requests for interviews as well as articles written by Lintec representatives. In fiscal 2018, the Company issued about 20 releases and granted about 50 requests for interviews and articles.

Communication with Local Governments

Lintec actively collects legal and regulatory information related to businesses operated in each country and develops appropriate systems. Also, to promote social contribution activities for local communities, we communicate and cooperate with relevant governments in various ways.

Communication with Students/Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration

The Lintec Group participates in joint research projects involving the industrial, academic, and government sectors. Through these activities, we bring together technical and non-technical insights from inside and outside of the group to explore possibilities in various fields.

Communication with NGOs/NPOs

To promote social contribution activities, Lintec communicates and collaborates with NPOs and NGOs working to solve various social and environmental issues, thereby participating in efforts aimed at creating a better society.

Social contribution activities

Main Awards for Activities

Agatsuma Plant
  • Agatsuma Association for Safety of Hazardous Materials: "Outstanding Hazardous Materials Officer Award"
  • Gunma Prefecture Blood Donation Award
Tatsuno Plant
  • Tatsuno City Private Fire Brigade Competition: Ranked first in fire hydrant category; ranked first in fire extinguisher category
  • Challenge 100 Campaign: Three teams
Mishima Plant
  • Pulp & Paper Industrial Association: Superior Employee Award
  • Shikokuchuo Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Superior Employee Award
  • Ehime Prefecture Community Chest: Letter of gratitude
Ina Technology Center
  • 27th Ina-machi Indoor Firefighting Competition: Ranked second
Research Center
  • Japanese Red Cross Society: Silver Order of Merit
Head Office
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government: 2018 certification for sports promotion efforts