Performance Data

Many stakeholders support the business of the Lintec Group. To meet these stakeholders' expectations, the Lintec Group places its corporate motto "Sincerity and Creativity" at the center of its CSR structure, and actively conducts its CSR activities. The following is our performance data for key stakeholders.

Customer Relations

No. of patent applications

Acquisition of ISO 9001 certification

Total participants in quality education program

Ratio of quality accidents

Supplier Relations

Questionnaire survey response rate

Questionnaire items (overview)

Employees Relations

Number of employees by gender

Employment rate for Persons with Disabilities

Number of Job Return Program Users

Employment of Older Persons

Status of the Lintec Forest

Employees by region and by gender

Local employees at sites outside Japan

Three-year turnover of employees hired as new graduates

New hires and turnover

Program users

Company-wide rank-based training programs

Participants in environmental education

Self-development Correspondence Training Course Participants

Occurrence of accidents resulting in absence from work

Accident-free hours achievements

Construction Safety Conferences

Disaster drills at plants

Community Relations

Community Support Expenses

Community cleanups

Blood Donation

A plant and facility tour


Medium-term targets and results

Number of environment-friendly products developed

Total energy use (crude oil equivalent)

CO2 emissions (non-consolidated)

CO2 emissions and transportation volume in distribution

Energy usage

Waste flow

Waste generated

Process from Water Intake to Effluent

Water usage (Kumagaya and Mishima Plants)

Effluent treated (Kumagaya and Mishima plants)

Effluent Water Quality

Emission and transfer of toluene

Status of Proper Storage and Management of PCB

Percentages of solvent-free printing-related adhesive products and release paper

Environmental Conservation Costs

Environmental conservation effects

VOC emissions (Outside of Japan)

Electricity usage (Outside of Japan)

Fuel (light oil and natural gas) usage (crude oil conversion) (Outside of Japan)

Material Flow (Japan only)