Third-Party Opinion

Makiko Akabane
Director of CSR
Asia Japan Office

In providing my third-party opinion for a third year, I noticed that Lintec, a global company where the proportion of employees outside Japan is approximately 40%, practices its company motto, "Sincerity and Creativity", not only in Japan but also overseas. The company is willing to contribute to addressing local issues in areas where it operates and sincerely strives to fulfill its social responsibility as a member of the community. Mangrove planting in Indonesia, featured in Highlight 1, represents such high aspirations.

This local contribution activity started in 2013, in response to a call for weeding and cleaning during the green month designated by the Indonesian government. To embody a clear vision to be of assistance to the country not through passive activities but through activities specific to Indonesia, Lintec started mangrove planting in 2016. This year is the fourth year of the ongoing activity, which plays a role in addressing local issues. I hold this initiative in high regard as an example of the practice of Lintec's company motto, "Sincerity and Creativity". Firstly, Indonesia, where the activities have taken place, has the most mangroves in the world, although they have been decreasing in recent years. This is a serious social issue as depletion of biodiversity and land erosion can potentially change the lives of Indonesian people. To improve the situation, Lintec reached out to the community; various actors, such as a local fisheries university, landowners, and local residents, showed support; and the initiative evolved into an activity with multi-stakeholder involvement. Lintec's activities include not only planting but also steady follow-ups until the planted mangroves take root and start to grow, such as observing the growing conditions once every three months, replanting the seedlings if they are likely to sink under water, and managing the growing environment by installing fences and wave-absorbing dykes. In addition, Lintec evaluates the outcome of the tree planting objectively by measuring annual CO2 absorption, as well as the number of trees planted and the number of participants. I consider this project, which is an ongoing engagement to address community issues with a sense of mission, as a representation of Lintec's strong potential, which will be a source of growth. I am looking forward to the future development of the activities.

I would like to make a suggestion on the enhancement of the international competitiveness of the company. Lintec added a site in Singapore last year that oversees business in ASEAN and India, and is growing steadily as a global company with more than 2,200 employees working outside Japan. I therefore recommend further disclosure of information on initiatives at sites outside Japan. Environmental data, such as those on the use of electric power and VOC emissions, have been disclosed, which can be considered a result of communication between the Head Office and each site. Meanwhile, data related to employees, such as those on rank-based training programs and percentage of paid leave taken, are disclosed only for Japan. Securing and developing human resources overseas is directly linked to a company's competitiveness. What is not said is regarded as not done, especially outside Japan. It is therefore important to disclose information on programs that have been implemented. While communication with overseas sites often involves difficulties, I advise Lintec to consider disclosing information related to human resources, starting from indexes that are likely to be available.

Response to Third-Party Opinion

We are grateful to Ms. Akabane for her third-party opinion, as we were in 2018, and for her appreciation of our practice of our company motto, "Sincerity and Creativity", as well as the mangrove planting by PT. Lintec Indonesia and local residents. The tree planting project has entered its fourth year, and the number of participants has increased year by year. The initiative is thus gradually transforming into a community-based activity. We would like to expand and continue to engage in the activity with a large number of people. We will facilitate communication with sites outside Japan and work toward disclosure of data related to employees, which are currently disclosed only for Japan.

We will take seriously the opinion received, promote CSR management, and aim to be a company that contributes to developing a sustainable society.

Hiroyuki Nishio
Representative Director, President, CEO and COO

CSR Report 2019 production project members

CSR Report 2019
Production project members

Editor's postscript

Mangrove planting by PT. Lintec Indonesia is featured in this year's Highlight article, which explains how the company plants trees in cooperation with local residents and contributes to the creation of the community environment and people's livelihoods.

While it has not been long since the SDGs Committee was established, the Committee will continue to take on the challenge of addressing social issues through business. To familiarize all levels of the company with the SDGs, the Committee shares its activities with employees by providing e-learning programs and posting newsletters on walls, as well as facilitates interactive communication by receiving comments and suggestions.

For our group to achieve sustainable growth together with society, all employees are thinking about activities and seeking to independently implement them in an integrated manner.