LINTEC implements corporate social responsibility (CSR)-based management to further develop as a company that is highly regarded and trusted by all of its stakeholders. The Sustainability Committee, which mainly comprises members of management; the Sustainability Management Office, which reports directly to the president; and the committees and subcommittees consisting of members from all areas of the Company are focusing on initiatives aimed at sustainability, such as implementing various measures and proposing new products to solve social issues, as well as reinforcing communication with stakeholders.

In addition to ensuring strict compliance, we are promoting eco-friendly manufacturing, developing and proposing products that meet the needs of the market, contributing to local communities and the greater society, and making other contributions to create a better society.

Corporate ethics awareness
To ensure compliance with legal, ethical, and social standards, LINTEC has established “Compliance Guidelines” to compile the rules for everyday activities into booklet form. These guidelines are distributed to all employees, including those based at overseas Group companies.

Compliance Guidelines

Environmental impact reduction
In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, LINTEC is reducing its usage of organic solvents when applying adhesive coatings and is installing an exhaust-gas treatment facility at each plant in order to prevent the emission of organic solvents into the atmosphere.

Exhaust-gas treatment facility

Social contribution activities
We provided floor-marking films for encouraging social distancing and stickers advertising takeout food in the Itabashi area of Tokyo, where LINTEC’s head office is located, as a response to the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Installation of floor-marking films