News Release

March 18, 2022

To Respond to Sudden Demand Expansion, Significantly Enhances Production Facilities of Related Tapes for Electronic Component Manufacturing

In response to sudden growth in demand for multilayer ceramic capacitors recently and aggressive plans by electronic component manufacturers to expand production volumes, LINTEC has decides to invest approximately 19 billion yen in total in Doi Plant (Ehime Prefecture) and Kumagaya Plant (Saitama Prefecture) in stages over four years to March 2025, a period that encompasses the ongoing three-year medium-term business plan (up to the term ending in March 2024), aiming to greatly enhance production facilities for process-related tapes, which are essential for the multilayer ceramic capacitor manufacturing process.

Widely applicable from high-end types including those for smartphones to general-purpose types

In response to the recent proliferation of teleworking and demand for components for electric vehicles (EV) and the 5G high-speed communication standard, demand for semiconductors and electronic components has been rising rapidly, and manufacturers are actively investing in expanding their production volumes.

LINTEC supplies manufacturers with tapes (release films) that are essential for the production process of multilayer ceramic capacitors, which are high-performance minuscule electronic components. LINTEC has decided to expand its production capacity to achieve a wide range of coverage from high-density and ultra-compact capacitors, which can be realized with its unique nano-level thick release agent coating technology, to general-purpose capacitors, which are available for multiple applications.

Existing production plant for multilayer ceramic capacitor-related tapes (Kumagaya Plant, Saitama)

Investing approximately 19 billion yen over four years to introduce cutting-edge production lines in two domestic plants

For Doi Plant, LINTEC plans to invest approximately 9 billion yen in stages during the period from December 2022 to March 2025, expected to be the completion of construction and start of operation, to expand the plant with a new building that will have a gross floor area of approximately 10,000m2 and to introduce two clean coating facilities and three cutting facilities, etc. For Kumagaya Plant, we plan to invest approximately 10 billion yen in stages from June to December 2023, when we expect to complete construction and start operation, to build a new building with a gross floor area of approximately 10,000m2 and introduce two clean coating facilities and three cutting facilities, etc. Both plants will establish a production system that considers automation and labor saving, energy saving, and a reduction in CO2 emissions, etc.

Going forward, LINTEC will actively enhance its production systems to continue the stable supply of components and materials for electronics-related markets, including initiatives for increased production volume at semiconductor manufacturers.

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