News Release

March 31, 2021

Sales of Creative Paper with a Natural Texture Made with Unbleached Pulp

Has many different potential uses, including packaging material, paper mats, shopping bags, business cards, and envelopes

LINTEC has developed creative paper with a natural texture and color, using unbleached craft pulp that doesn't use bleaching or coloring agents. Sales begin on April 1. This paper has a very broad range of potential uses, for instance as packaging material, paper mats, shopping bags, business cards, and envelopes.

Creative Papers that Offer a Natural Feel

We offer a diverse lineup of specialty papers made using our own paper-making technology, including color paper for envelopes, creative paper, high-grade printing paper, and more.

Recently, cafes, fast food restaurants, shops selling household goods, and more have seen an increase in the need to reduce plastic, and demand is increasing for unbleached craft paper that offers a natural feel. We then developed new creative paper made from unbleached pulp using our accumulated knowledge of specialty paper manufacturing. The paper has many potential applications, such as for packaging, as a paper mat, and as a shopping bag.

Features a natural texture and color

Can Be Used for a Wide Range of Applications with its Soft Color and Texture

The creative paper that will go on sale offers a soft color and texture through the use of unbleached craft pulp. We manage our production process and chemical substances based on the Japan Paper Association's Voluntary Standards on Paper and Paperboard Intended to Come into Contact with Food*, allowing the paper to be used for a wide range of applications, including for packaging, lunch boxes, business cards, notepads, message cards, envelopes, and more. You can depict a variety of designs through printing on the sturdy paper.

The paper is also made from wood pulp procured from FSC®-certified forests or other properly managed forests, and has acquired FSC® MIX certification (FSC-C022824). This contributes to the sustainable utilization and conservation of forest resources.

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