Together with Employees
(Human Resource Development)

The Lintec Group prepares educational programs tailored to Employees' work assignments and abilities and strives to develop competent human resources with a global mindset.

Concept of Human Resource Development

Total participants in company-wide rank-based training programs 659 employees

Lintec has introduced a human resource development program for the professional development of workers exhibiting "pyramid-shaped" competency, comprising expertise supported by broad knowledge and sense. Rank-based programs are targeted at: new hires, third-year follow-up, fifth-year follow-up, new section chiefs, and new managers.
In the theme-based category, we introduced a number of new programs in April 2019, in response to recent changes in the social situation. Specifically, such programs are organized for legal training, retirement planning, harassment prevention to improve the workplace environment, and information security. In addition, correspondence courses for various business skills are provided to mid-level employees and new manager candidates preparing for promotion.

  • *Career design refers to the planning of one's own career so as to use one's own abilities by taking into account one's own experiences, skills, and ideal future.
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Rank-based Training and Career Planning

Aiming at developing people who can contribute to the growth of the Toward Zero Accidents company and society, Lintec, as part of its human resources training, has introduced company-wide rank-based training programs that allow individual employees with diverse values to realize their personal growth according to the current stage of their career building, starting from training for new employees provided when they join the company.
Through the training programs, Lintec supports individuals in both skill acquisition and career design*.

Fiscal 2018 Schedule of Rank-based Training Programs
Fiscal 2018 Schedule of Rank-based Training Programs
Fiscal 2018 training details and number of participants
Training details Number of participants
(trainee category)
① New managers training (group training)
Participants acquire the management knowledge, skills, and practical frontline abilities necessary for managers.
(New managers)
② New managers training (correspondence course)
Participants acquire the basic business administration knowledge, management knowledge, and skills necessary for managers.
(New managers)
③ New section chiefs training (group training)
Participants acquire the management knowledge and skills necessary for frontline leaders.
(New managers)
④ Grade 5 employee training (group training)
Participants acquire leadership capabilities, including for solving workplace issues, guiding and developing junior members, and creating an inspiring workplace, by systematic methods.
(Employees promoted to Grade 5)
⑤ Grade 4 employee training (correspondence course)
Participants acquire general business skills by selecting courses to match their goals.
(Employees promoted to Grade 4)
⑥ Third-year follow-up training (group training)
Participants look back their second year and discuss their current situations in groups to clarify what they aim to achieve in the future.
(Third-year employees)
⑦ Second-year follow-up training (group training)
Participants look back on their own growth over the year and clarify initiatives through self-study and group learning.
(Second-year employees)
⑧ New hires training (group training)
Participants acquire business skills and work-related knowledge, along with basic skills specific to their own companies. They get an understanding of basic knowledge and occupational theory as members of society and professionals.
(New hires)
⑨ Young salesperson training (group training)
To improve the quality of sales activities, participants acquire relevant capabilities, including communication skills, customer-oriented approaches, and a self-reflective attitude.
(Female employees)
⑩ Women empowerment/diversity management training (group training)
Participants get an understanding of the basic concepts of women's empowerment and diversity management, as well as of managers' roles and the company's initiatives, and gain awareness of women's empowerment.
(Managers, responsible persons from personnel/employment departments)
⑪ Women's empowerment awareness and career progression training
Participants get a proper understanding of the women's empowerment initiative and a sense of ownership, and think about creating a comfortable working environment and their future working styles.
(Senior employees who give guidance to new hires and young employees)
⑫ Legal training for salespersons (division recommendation)
Participants acquire legal knowledge and related skills relating to transactions and contracts. The training is provided for the purpose of preventing salespersons from facing legal problems concerning transactions, breach of contract, and violation of law in relation to their activities and enabling them to deal with the risks of facing such problems appropriately and in a timely manner.
(Mid-level employees in charge of sales)
⑬ Retirement planning seminar
Participants learn about the financial resources required to maintain their lifestyle after retirement and asset building plans in preparation for their post-retirement life. This seminar aims to create an environment for employees to practice sound asset formation while engaging in their work with peace of mind.
(Lintec Group employees in their 40s and early 50s)
⑭ Work and family care balance training (group training)
This training aims to increase organizational capabilities to support employees with family care responsibilities, thereby reducing the turnover of these employees. Participants acquire knowledge and skills to be able to balance work and family care responsibilities.
(Selected from volunteers)
⑮ Language training (volunteers with division recommendation)
As a part of corporate globalization, the purpose of this training is to broaden the base of candidates for postings outside of Japan and to improve their work performance using languages in which the work will be conducted.
(Prospective employees)
Company-wide rank-based training programs
Total training hours 7,035 hours
Total number of participants 659 persons
Average training hours per person 10 hours
  • Notes: 1. The above table indicates non-consolidated data for LINTEC Corporation.
    2. Calculated for time-based programs only.