Social Report

Together with Local Communities

Lintec Group's Approach

Recognizing that it is part of society and local communities, the Lintec Group is engaged in various initiatives to contribute to society while ensuring harmonious co-existence with society.

Social Contribution Activities of the Lintec Group

The Lintec Group carries out social contribution activities in various communities. In fiscal 2020, however, many of the planned activities were cancelled or restricted due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In this situation, the Group performed activities in Japan as listed below, some of which are highlighted on the following pages.

  • Activities by the Entire Lintec Group
    Volunteer tree planting, blood donation, cleanups, collection of plastic bottle caps and used postage stamps, and donation to the Japan Red Cross, Central Community Chest of Japan, and National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization
    (The following activities were cancelled in fiscal 2020.)
    Contribution to the Green Fund
  • Support for the Development of the Next Generation
    Support for Kurarika, offering plant tour, workplace experience opportunity
  • Support for Sports
    Sponsoring the Saitama Prefecture Baseball Team, the "Musashi Heat Bears"
    (The following activities were cancelled in fiscal 2020.)
    Sponsoring the Komatsushima City team of runners in the Tokushima Ekiden Race
  • Community Safety Activities
    Street campaign to eliminate organized criminal groups, an AED* workshop, disaster prevention drill, support to local fire company,sponsoring the Tokushima Smart Driver Safety Rally, the Central Shikoku Region Women's Association for Rehabilitation Aid
    (The following activities were cancelled in fiscal 2020.)
    Fire prevention campaign
  • Environmental Preservation
    Firefly preservation project
    (The following activities were cancelled in fiscal 2020.)
    Participation in NPO Tatsuno Akatombo-wo-fuyasou-kai, Tokushima Forestation Association's Mori-he-iko volunteer tree-planting activity
  • Support for Persons with Disabilities
    Friendship concerts, bread sales/purchase by welfare facilities for people with disabilities, sponsoring a charity golf tournament for children with disabilities, and training on employment of people with disabilities
    (The following activities were cancelled in fiscal 2020.)
    Fureai Concert, inviting disabled persons to a baseball game at Tokyo Dome
  • Support for Community Festivals
    (The following activities were cancelled in fiscal 2020.)
    Rokujo Hachiman Shrine Autumn Festival
    Hara-machi Gion Festival, Usa Hachiman Shrine, Sengen Shrine Spring and Autumn Festival, Kanai Ichinomiya Shrine Spring and Autumn Festival, Kumagaya Ebisu Commerce Festival, Kumagaya Fan (uchiwa) Festival, Kumagaya Fireworks, portable shrine for three district children's clubs at Rokujo Hachiman Shrine, Tatsuno City Shingu-cho Summer Festival and Fireworks, Tatsuno City Kamioka-cho Konada Residents Association Summer Festival, Doi-cho Fireworks, Tatsuno Shrine, Oyake Shrine, Kosui (lake) Festival, Suiha Shrine Sukeikai, Mishima Drum Festival, Doi Drum Festival, Enoki Shrine donation, Otsuka Shrine donation, Kasuga Shrine donation, Kogan Temple, Sosa Tulip Festival, Warabi Hata Festival, Awa Dance Festival, Itabashi Fireworks, Itabashi Honcho Kamicho festival donation, Itabashi Citizens Festival, Itabashi Children's Festival, the 39th Asahi Culture Center Festival, contributing money to Suwa Grand Shrine, Higashi Agatsuma Furusato Festival, Tenjin Fireworks, and Mishima Park Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Donation of Products
    In-kind donation to preschools and elementary schools
  • *AED: a medical device designed to return a heart undergoing ventricular fibrillation to its normal condition by applying an electric shock.

Community Support Expenses

In fiscal 2020, expenses for educational support accounted for over half of the total expenses. We also provided support for sports and local communities.

Breakdown of Community Support Expenses

Breakdown of Community Support Expenses

Social Contribution Initiatives

Fureai Concert

The tenth Lintec Fureai Concert was cancelled as a result of the spread of COVID-19. Following the events conducted for the past nine years, the event was scheduled to be held on October 25, 2020 at the Itabashi Culture Hall, with invitations extended to persons with disabilities and their helpers living in Tokyo’s Itabashi City, as well as residents of neighboring areas. We decided to cancel the plan, giving first priority to the safety of visitors, performers, and other related people.

Global Activities

The Lintec Group carries out social contribution activities in locations where it operates.
For example, Madico, Inc., to fight the spread of COVID-19, offered masks, cleanroom suits and boots, antiseptic solution, and other items to medical institutions in Florida. Also, the company has developed capabilities to mass-produce face shields using film materials it manufactures.
The Lintec Group will continue to engage in social contribution activities rooted in the community.

VOICE My Next Stage

We offer philanthropic support to Yong’an Children’s Home, an orphanage in Kaohsiung City. One recent program was carried out to donate coupons for a large local supermarket bought with the money raised from employees. We also make contributions to deliver farm-fresh organic vegetables and fruit to the facility once in a week, starting from January 2020, through a children’s charity foundation that offers the service. We will continue with this project, hoping to help children live a happier and healthier life.

Pao-Ya Ke
Pao-Ya Ke
Lintec Advanced Technologies (Taiwan), Inc

Beautification Projects and Cleanups

The Lintec Group carries out neighborhood beautification projects and cleanups around all its factories. For example, the Kumagaya Plant and the Tatsuno Plant performed riverside cleanup and beautification activities along the Arakawa and the Ibogawa rivers, respectively. Other plants also carry out cleanups in areas around their sites. In fiscal 2020, a total of 2,613 employees of domestic sites participated in these activities. Other plants also carry out cleanups in areas around their sites.

Fiscal 2020 community cleanups

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Business site Date Content Participants
Agatsuma Plant Twice a month Picking up trash around the plant 48
Kumagaya Plant May, 2020 Arakawa riverside cleanup Cancelled due to COVID-19
November, 2020 Arakawa Clean Aid Cancelled due to COVID-19
Research Center 8 times a year Picking up trash on public roads around the Research Center 1,040
Tokyo Lintec Kako April 2020 – Mar. 2021 (once or twice a month) Cleaning up in and outside the properties 550
Chiba Plant July 28, 2020 Undergrowth cutting in Jingujihama 3
Tatsuno Plant Once a month Cleaning up around the plant 400
November 20, 2020 Ibogawa riverside cleanup 40
Shingu Plant 8 times a year Cleaning around the plant 247
May 11, 2020 Ditch cleanup around the plant(Tatsuno Office) 12
Mishima Plant Tuesdays Ditch cleanup around the Mishima plant 100
Komatsushima Plant May 29, 2020 Gomi-zero-no-hi (zero waste day) campaign: road cleanup 50
October 7, 2020 Street cleanup around the plant (company event related to National Occupational Health Week) 37
Ina Technology Center 5 times a year Cleanup of the commuting route between the plant and Shiku Station 86
Total 2,613

Blood Donation

The Lintec Group conducts blood donations at all its business sites across Japan in cooperation with the Japanese Red Cross.As a social contribution activity that can be performed right at the worksite, blood donation has been embraced by employees, and the program will be continued.

Fiscal 2020 Blood Donation Results

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Business site Date Participants
Mishima Plant 4 105
Komatsushima Plant 0 0
Tatsuno Plant/Shingu Plant 2 56
Research Center 2 62
Chiba Plant 2 36
Tokyo Lintec Kako 2 15
Kumagaya Plant 0 0
Agatsuma Plant 0 0
Ina Technology Center 1 21
Osaka Branch Office 2 14
Iidabashi Office 0 0
Head Office 0 0
Total 15 309

Community Safety Activities

The Kumagaya Plant participates in the incipient firefighting training event hosted by the city government, registering its 13th participation in fiscal 2019. This regional event is organized every year to increase the fire protection capabilities of local business sites, inviting them to demonstrate practical skills in handling extinguishers and other equipment as well as in incipient firefighting. In fiscal 2020, the event was cancelled as a result of the spread of COVID-19. The plant hopes that the event will be held in fiscal 2021, and is planning to continue to participate in the program as in previous years.

Support for Persons with Disabilities

Lintec planned to invite persons with disabilities and their helpers living in Tokyo's Itabashi City to a professional baseball game held at Tokyo Dome on May 14, 2020 between the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters and the Chiba Lotte Marines. However, we cancelled the plan as a result of the spread of COVID-19, giving first priority to the safety of the proposed invitees.

Support for Local Festivals

Every year from July 20 to 22, the Fan (uchiwa) Festival is held in the city of Kumagaya, where the Kumagaya Plant is located. In fiscal 2020, the festival was cancelled due to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. As one of the sponsors of the festival, the Kumagaya Plant donates Japanese fans to Yasaka Shrine, which are then distributed to visitors.

Support for Local Festivals
Festival fans donated by Lintec in fiscal 2019

Participation in Local Festivals

Every year, a group of employees from the Komatsushima Plant take part in the Awa Dance Festival, registering as "Lintec Ren" ("ren" means "group of dancers"). The festival is held in Tokushima Prefecture and known as one of the biggest summer festivals in Japan. In fiscal 2020, the event was cancelled due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. The company has decided that the plant will not partake in the festival in fiscal 2021 even if the event is held in consideration of the COVID-19 situation.

Communicating with Local Communities

Offering Plant and Facility Tours

Every year the Lintec Group accepts numerous students, local authorities, NPOs, and community residents for tours of its plants and facilities in Japan. In fiscal 2020, we reduced these activities in response to the COVID-19 outbreak situation, resulting in a total of 25 visitors welcomed at three sites.
(Overseas Group companies are excluded).

A plant and facility tour in fiscal 2020

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Business site Date Content Participants
Mishima Plant December 22 – 24, 2020 Ehime Prefecture Kawanoe Senior High School 2
Tokyo Lintec Kako   Plant tours for elementary school students cancelled due to COVID-19  
Agatsuma Plant July 22, 2020 March 2021 new high school graduates-to-be 11
August 18, 2020 March 2021 new high school graduates-to-be 5
Kumagaya Plant August 7, 2020 March 2021 new high school graduates-to-be 6
March 18, 2020 March 2021 vocational school graduates-to-be 1
Tatsuno Plant   Trial Week and internship programs and programs for facilities for the disabled and special-needs schools cancelled due to COVID-19  
Total 25

Dialogue with Local residents

Contributing to local efforts for COVID-19 infection control

The Lintec Group has carried out varied activities to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Major such activities are as follows:
Donate 3,000 stickers to restaurants located in Itabashi City, where Lintec’s head office is located, in cooperation with the local government, to indicate that they have launched a to-go service as a measure to address financial difficulties resulting from restrictions on operations related to the spread of infection; in cooperation with Printec, Inc., provide service to the Itabashi City government for floor marking for social distancing in its office building; produce 10,000 face shields, applying the company’s techniques and working in cooperation with its suppliers and the local government, and donate them to medical institutions in Itabashi, which faced a shortage of the item, in the hope of helping reduce the burden on healthcare professionals working in the city.