Message from President and CEO

Hiroyuki Nishio

Representative Director,
President, CEO and COO

Since its start in 1934 as “FUJI SHIKO CORPORATION”, dealing with manufacturing and sales of gummed tapes, our company has expanded its business into various fields including adhesive products and related equipment, or specialty papers, and has continued to steadily grow.

The spirit of sincerity in our company motto, “Sincerity and Creativity”, has taken root in each individual employee as our corporate culture, and is embodied as earnestness and brightness. On the other hand, regarding the spirit of creativity, I think that it links us to the development and proposal of more differentiated and unique products and that each employee in the group companies has to return to their starting point to reconsider creativity as the driving force behind business expansion.

It is considered to be a big advantage of our corporate group that we continue to deliver various products to a wide variety of industries while combining our unique core technologies cultivated over many years at a high level of competence. In addition, in recent years, we are positively progressing with the enhancement of our global production and sales structure based on the concept of local production, which means that we manufacture products in locations that are closer to our customers and provide them with a stable supply of these products.

At present, when the changing speed of the world is more and more accelerating, I think it is more important than anything else to anticipate market changes, to look one step ahead into the future, and to propose the products that exceed the customers’ expectations. With “Innovation” as the keyword, we are aiming to meet the expectations of as many LINTEC fans as possible and to develop further by striving positively to exploit new demands and develop new products.


Entered FUJI SHIKO CORPORATION (current LINTEC CORPORATION) in 1978 after graduating from Development Engineering, Engineering Department, Muroran Institute of Technology. After that, engaged in establishment and introduction of production facilities for about 18 years. For about five and a half years during that period, transferred to MADICO, INC., a manufacturing subsidiary in the U.S.A. Built an international career through communication with the local staff while engaging in setting up new facilities, and improvement and maintenance of existing facilities. Assigned to the Corporate Strategic Office from 1996. In charge of integration and closing down of domestic manufacturing bases and set up foreign manufacturing subsidiaries as well as engaged in establishment and progress management of medium-term business plan for three times under the supervision of the former president. Took the chair of Representative Director, President, CEO and COO in 2014. Now managing the company with the motto of “In a cordial manner”.