Linking your dreams

…to the future through technologies. We are LINTEC.

Four Core Technologies

We are creating new value by evolving core technologies.

The Company’s technologies are based on the four unique, core technologies we have refined up until today.
By fusing these technologies in a sophisticated manner,
we will develop more-differentiated and revolutionary products. This is LINTEC’s style.

By the numbers

  • Net Sales ¥206.0 billion FY2017/3
    As a comprehensive manufacturer of adhesive-related products, we offer a variety of products to all industries.
  • Overseas sales ratio of 37.8% FY2017/3
    We are actively promoting globalization of our business, aiming to achieve overseas sales ratio of 40% or more.
  • R&D expenses of ¥7.6 billion FY2017/3
    As a technology-centered company, R&D capabilities are the growth drivers for LINTEC.
  • No. of employees 4,760 as of March 31,2017
    We regard our employees as our most valuable asset, and are focusing on hiring and training of various human resources.

Message from President and CEO

Since its start in 1934 as “FUJI SHIKO CORPORATION”, dealing with manufacturing and sales of gummed tapes, our company has expanded its business into various fields including adhesive products and related items, such as specialty papers, and has continued to steadily grow.

Hiroyuki Nishio
Representative Director,President,