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May 28, 2019

High-quality automobile window films with excellent design and functionality


Six types of medium-grade films added to standard lineup both in Japan and overseas to enhance global presence

LINTEC will add six varieties of medium-grade films to its standard lineup of WINCOS AUTOMOTIVE FILMS, which offer both a diverse range of functionality and high-class design. The products, which have already been well received in Southeast Asia, will become part of the standard lineup as of June 1. With the addition of these items to its existing range, LINTEC will aim to establish a full lineup and enhance its global presence.

Enhancing LINTEC's global presence with a full lineup featuring medium-grade films

LINTEC offers its WINCOS AUTOMOTIVE FILMS both in Japan and overseas. These films provide automobile window glass with diverse functionality, including a solar control that reduces temperature increases inside the car and a UV reduction effect; as well as high-class design features, with their luxurious coloring and metallic look and feel. The extensive lineup includes films which give greater solar control performance, and others that offer superior cost-performance.

On this occasion, LINTEC is adding six varieties of medium-grade window films to its standard lineup both domestically and overseas. These items have already been well received in Southeast Asia, offering an excellent balance between cost and solar control performance. With the addition of these items to its existing range, LINTEC will aim to establish a full lineup covering a wide range of grades, in order to further enhance its global presence.

Application image of automotive film

New adhesive offering enhanced performance, and an improved lineup of tools to support application of films

The six products added to the standard lineup on this occasion are treated with LINTEC's proprietary thermal shield coating that offers solar control that cuts over 75% of light in the near infrared wavelength range, regardless of their darkness of tint, from highly transparent to darkly tinted. The adoption of a new adhesive also reduces distortions of the view from inside the vehicle, and offers improved applicability and anti-weathering characteristics. Moving forward, LINTEC will gradually switch to this new adhesive for its existing products.

To coincide with the establishment of this full lineup, LINTEC is also launching a line of transmission meters for measuring various performance characteristics of window films, including UV reduction, visible light transmission and near infrared rejection rates; and is also seeking to expand sales of automotive films by offering an improved range of tools for supporting their application to vehicle windows.

Transmission meter (tint meter) for measuring the performance of window films

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