Integrated Report 2020

(2) Reconciliation statement for the beginning balance and the ending balance of plan assetsMillions of yen Thousands ofU.S. dollars202020192020Plan assets at beginning of year¥23,654¥24,391$217,349Expected return on plan assets7647527,025Actuarial gains (losses)(1,477)(291)(13,572)Contributions from the employer1,23850511,380Retirement benefits paid(1,612)(1,703)(14,818)Increase (decrease) from foreign currency translation3―31Plan assets at end of year¥22,570¥23,654$207,395(3) Reconciliation statement for the ending balance of retirement benefit obligations and plan assets and net defined benefit liability or asset recorded in the consolidated financial statementsMillions of yen Thousands ofU.S. dollars202020192020Retirement benefit obligations of a funded pension plan¥ 38,673¥ 37,641$ 355,361Plan assets(22,570)(23,654)(207,395)16,10313,987147,965Retirement benefit obligations of an unfunded pension plan2708542,486Net amount of liabilities and assets recorded in the consolidated balance sheet¥ 16,373¥ 14,841$ 150,451Net defined benefit liability¥ 16,378¥ 14,841$ 150,491Net defined benefit asset(4)―(40)Net amount of liabilities and assets recorded in the consolidated balance sheet¥ 16,373¥ 14,841$ 150,451(4) Components of retirement benefit expensesMillions of yen Thousands ofU.S. dollars202020192020Service cost¥1,962¥1,950$18,031Interest cost1951931,798Expected return on plan assets(764)(752)(7,025)Amortization of actuarial losses (gains)6303515,795Amortization of prior service cost(52)(218)(486)Other(3)(0)(28)Retirement benefit expenses for the defined benefit plans¥1,968¥1,524$18,085Notes:i.Retirement benefit expenses of consolidated subsidiaries using the simplified method are included in service cost.ii.Employee’s contributions to the corporate pension fund are not included in the retirement benefit expenses for the defined benefit plans.LINTEC Integrated Report 2020FoundationStrategyOverviewFinancial Information87

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