Integrated Report 2020

Millions of yen Thousands ofU.S. dollars (Note 1)202020192020Cash flows from operating activities:Profit before income taxes ¥ 13,939 ¥ 18,338 $ 128,083 Depreciation and amortization9,491 8,700 87,212 Amortization of goodwill 3,264 3,295 29,993 Increase (decrease) in net defined benefit liability114 821 1,054 Increase (decrease) in allowance for doubtful accounts9 (22)87 Interest and dividend income (352)(530)(3,241)Interest expenses 178 196 1,637 Increase (decrease) in provision for business structure improvement —(38)—Loss (gain) on sales of property, plant and equipment (13)(352)(120)Loss on retirement of property, plant and equipment 229 257 2,105 Decrease (increase) in trade notes and accounts receivable 6,385 2,410 58,678 Decrease (increase) in inventories 224 (2,720)2,061 Increase (decrease) in trade notes and accounts payable (11,325)(1,015)(104,070)Loss (gain) on sales of investment securities(4)(1)(41)Increase (decrease) in provision for environmental measures(1)(19)(16)Impairment loss545 —5,013 Other, net 7 (1,027)67 Subtotal22,691 28,293 208,502 Interest and dividend income received371 530 3,413 Interest expenses paid(196)(202)(1,806)Income taxes (paid) refund(4,364)(5,763)(40,106)Net cash provided by operating activities 18,501 22,858 170,003 Cash flows from investing activities:Payments into time deposits(10,139)(7,269)(93,171)Proceeds from withdrawal of time deposits8,913 6,000 81,899 Purchase of property, plant and equipment (12,443)(10,768)(114,337)Proceeds from sales of property, plant and equipment 86 944 796 Purchase of intangible assets(158)(151)(1,458)Purchase of investment securities (66)(4)(606)Proceeds from sales of investment securities10 3 99 Proceeds from liquidation of subsidiaries—195 —Payments of loans receivable(3)(21)(35)Collection of loans receivable20 12 185 Other, net (37)759 (346)Net cash used in investing activities (13,818)(10,299)(126,974)Cash flows from financing activities:Increase (decrease) in short-term loans payable(920)212 (8,457)Repayments of long-term loans payable(3,021)(3,039)(27,766)Cash dividends paid (5,632)(5,196)(51,755)Purchase of treasury stock(1)(1)(13)Repayments of lease obligations(708)(221)(6,507)Other, net 0 0 0 Net cash provided by (used in) financing activities (10,284)(8,246)(94,499)Effect of exchange rate change on cash and cash equivalents (441)(1,051)(4,056)Net increase (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents (6,043)3,260 (55,528)Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of year 58,303 55,042 535,726 Increase in cash and cash equivalents resulting from inclusion of subsidiaries in consolidation0 — 4 Cash and cash equivalents at end of year (Note 10) ¥ 52,260 ¥ 58,303 $ 480,202 The accompanying notes are an integral part of the consolidated financial statements.LINTEC Corporation and its consolidated subsidiariesYears ended March 31, 2020 and 2019Consolidated Statement of Cash FlowsLINTEC Integrated Report 2020Financial Information76

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