Integrated Report 2020

Foundation64LINTEC Integrated Report 2020Joined IBM Japan Ltd. in 1981. Subsequently worked in data-driven marketing and consulting operations, including positions at foreign IT companies. In 2001, estab-lished JBtoB CO., LTD., becoming Representative Director and President (current position). In June 2020, became an outside director at LINTEC.At the General Meeting of Shareholders held in June 2020, Akiko Okushima became a new director. Together with Audit & Supervisory Committee members Satoshi Ohoka and Kanako Osawa, who were reelected at the previous year’s General Meeting of Shareholders, the Company now has three independent outside directors. The ratio of independent outside directors on the Board of Directors has increased to 30%. These three directors were asked about such topics as their views of LINTEC’s governance and how, as independent outside directors, they can strengthen LINTEC’s governance and contribute to the Company’s growth.Messages from Independent Outside DirectorsAkiko OkushimaOutside DirectorMy career has centered on systematization for administrative reforms, and my work has involved the rigorous use of data. At my JBtoB CO., LTD., which I established about 20 years ago, I have assisted a large number of companies with their marketing activi-ties. Specifically, I analyze ID-POS data, which shows consumer purchasing behavior — who purchased what, how much, where, and when. On that basis, I formulate a hypothesis about what type of changes are occurring, and provide advice about marketing strategies to a variety of manufacturers and retailers. Currently, due to the spread of the COVID-19 infection, market environments and consumer needs are continuing to change moment by moment. There is a need to be the first to accurately grasp these changes in the environment, and I think that I can contribute to the Company's management from this type of market analysis perspective.I was born in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, and I paid attention to LINTEC, which has had its headquarters in the same ward for a long time. I was fortunate to recently be elected as an outside director, and my experience so far is consistent with my image of the Company before I became a director. I think that LINTEC has a foundation in manufacturing that leverages a high level of technical capabilities. Moving forward, I will strive to leverage the experience and know-ledge that I have acquired to contribute to the enhancement of corporate value, so that LINTEC can be a company that takes the lead in the development of technologies for the benefit of people around the world.Leveraging Market Analysis Knowledge, Contributing to Increases in Corporate Value

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