Integrated Report 2020

Foundation60LINTEC Integrated Report 2020necessary and sufficient information to allow the shareholders to appropriately determine the pros and cons of the large-scale purchase in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. At the same time, the Company will disclose the opinions of the Board of Directors and endeavor to secure necessary time and information for the shareholders to consider such large-scale purchase. Further, if it is rationally judged that there is a risk of damage to the Company’s corporate value and the common interests of shareholders unless timely defensive measures are implemented to address a large-scale purchase, the Company will endeavor to secure its corporate value and the common interests of its share-holders, as an obvious obligation of the Board of Directors entrusted with management of the Company by its shareholders, by promptly deciding the content of the concrete measures deemed most appropriate at the time in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and executing such measures. Shareholder InteractionsThe Company seeks to engage in constructive interactions with shareholders and other investors that contribute to sustainable growth and medium- to long-term improvements in corporate value. The Company has established an investor relations (IR) activity system and advances proactive initiatives based on the following policies to facilitate this endeavor.(1)The officer responsible for IR implements and oversees the Company’s various IR activities, including individual meetings with shareholders and investors. In regard to responses to requests for individual meetings, members of senior man-agement or directors will meet with shareholders or investors requesting meetings based, whenever appropriate, on the desires and interests of the requester.(2)The Public Relations Office, Finance & Accounting Dept., General Affairs & Legal Dept., and Corporate Strategic Office will play a central role in advancing the Company’s various IR activities. Relevant divisions pursue close coordination with these offices and departments, exchanging information on a daily basis and meeting with members of senior management as appropriate to share necessary information.(3)In addition to individual meetings, the Company’s IR activities include regular briefings on financial results and medium-term business plans, visits to overseas investors, participa-tion in IR conferences at which overseas investors gather, facility tours, business explanatory forums, and Company briefings for individual investors. We seek to expand the range of information provided to domestic and overseas sharehold-ers and other investors by publishing shareholder newslet-ters and integrated reports and posting information in the IR section of our corporate website. At the same time, we collect feedback from a wide range of shareholders and other investors through surveys that are attached to shareholder newsletters and made available on the IR website.(4)Opinions and concerns of shareholders and other investors solicited through IR activities are relayed to management by the relevant divisions via quarterly business reports at the Board of Directors’ meetings or reported appropriately to management on an as-required basis.(5)In interactions with shareholders and other investors, we practice stringent management of information in accordance with the internal Insider Trading Prevention Regulations to ensure that insider information is not disclosed. In addition, the Company’s disclosure policy stipulates that we will observe a quiet period that begins approximately one month prior to the announcement of quarterly financial results to avoid leaks of financial results and to maintain fairness. During this period, we will not answer questions or make comments on our financial results and forecasts. Operating Risks P52 DiagramFThe Group is working to identify and prevent the occurrence of Groupwide risks and to establish an action-based approach to seizing and leveraging opportunities. To that end, the Group has set up the Corporate Risk Management Committee, which is advancing the construction of a Groupwide risk management system. With the aim of establishing a risk management system for the entire Group, this committee has responsibility for system construction, management, and operation, and the committee is continually implementing improvement activities. Major risks that could affect the Group’s operating results, etc., include the follow-ing. This summary provides examples of major risks that are anticipated, but it does not include all risks. Forward-looking items in the text are judgments as of March 31, 2020.1 Risks of Changes in Economic Conditions and Market EnvironmentsThe Group’s operations include development in a wide range of industries, and accordingly domestic and overseas economic conditions and market environments affect the Group’s opera-tions directly and indirectly. In Japan, markets are contracting due to a declining birthrate and an aging population, as well as a decreasing population, and the Group’s business results could be affected. However, going forward the Group will work to discover new demand, increase its market share in existing businesses, and create new markets. Furthermore, global trends in the elec-tronics industry affect the electronics and optical products busi-nesses, and accordingly future trends in this industry could affect the Group’s business results.Uncertainty about the future has increased due to the effect on business activities of the worldwide spread of COVID-19, which surfaced at the beginning of 2020, and the presence of multiple Governance

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